You heard it here first…the Field Service Industry has a Revolution Coming!


Ok, that sounded a bit dramatic. Let’s go with “A change in mindset is upon us.”


Over the past couple of years, the Wingmate solution has changed. Starting as a simple app for waste drivers, our technology has evolved into multiple growth pathways for any kind of field service business. By recognizing the value in their field service reps, enterprises are not only growing sales but optimizing their service offering by saving time and removing deficiencies.


I was on the golf course last week with a couple of friends & colleagues, and like most of us meeting new people, was asked…who do you work for? And, if the name doesn’t immediately ring a bell, the follow-up question, “what do they do?” is asked.


To explain what Wingmate does, I suddenly realized how different we were from anyone else in the industry. I tried comparing us to a “SalesForce” or an “Intel Snapchat” for field staff, but in all honesty, I still don’t think they fully understand what we do and why we exist.


It’s easy to lump companies and products into the same category. We go with what we know and are used to.


Our Intel Reporting App can get thrown into this “Lead Capture” industry of various products. But when you start looking at other options for lead capturing software, these products are almost entirely different. The same thing can be said for our Simple CRM Platform, but are we the same as or SalesForce? The answer is No.


Don’t even get me started on our Inside Sales Support; I haven’t come across another company offering the kind of service as our pipeline managers.


It’s hard to understand new things fully. In all honesty, it took a week to fully comprehend our offering when I first started here because it was brand new. I can only imagine the first person trying to explain fire to the rest of the flintstones (yes, I am comparing Wingmate to the discovery of Fire.)


Later that day, I realized the best explanation for what Wingmate does, is this;


You know that person on the golf course with brand new clubs, new shoes, pristine outfits, but can’t stop slicing, even if their life depended on it? That’s what I get reminded of when I see many service companies using another alternative to Wingmate, like a large CRM or complicated field service software.


What’s the point? Such a waste of money; you’re still as lost on the tee-off as you were before, and not to be mean, but you look like an idiot.


Of course, I’m biased, but I always think of Wingmate as that older/cooler golfer, hitting under 80 and effortlessly keeping them long and straight. The analogy doesn’t really make sense since we’re one of the youngest in our industry, but it’s more the meaning behind it.


Our customers/users care more about execution & outcome rather than a flashy object like SalesForce.


Wingmate was created to be high impact, no new hires, but to have the same value to your company as an entirely new additional sales fleet.


It’s not really even a surprise that our offering is based on value and effectiveness. One of our founders successfully built a major waste management business and came across the idea of our mobile app to enable field staff to send back leads/new business opportunities.


When it comes down to it, Wingmate is a vehicle & communication tool. Our platform gets information from A (field staff) to B (sales team) to C (management) and then back to A (field staff) again. But instead of a system with missing pieces, Wingmate can connect all areas of a service business. In a way that creates transparency and unity. Instead of confusion/annoyance from being overcomplicated & overbuilt like other solutions (shall remain nameless).


We don’t ask our customers to take a gamble or try to reinvent the wheel. Let’s keep it simple, leverage your current operation, and grow your information network to create a better service business. A new mindset is coming to the forefront of service industry leaders, where execution and outcome matter more than anything. Fancy toys can stay on the shelves, Wingmate will be in the field.

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