What do customers want? Ask the frontline employees who interact with them every day.

Your people in the field are a precious resource of knowledge. They see everything – know the most common customer complaints, hear all their repeated requests, notice trends and pass upcoming opportunities all the time. In most companies, however, there is no effective way for the people to share this rich intel with management.

Create positive habits in the field.

No paper required. Our mobile app makes it easy & rewarding for your frontline to share the valuable insights they come across in seconds. Your people in the field want to contribute - equip them with an engaging tool built for them. We've spent the past 20 years working with drivers - trust us; we'll get everyone to deliver (no pun intended).

Feed your true potential.

The best teams aren't born, they're made. Instantly route intelligence from the field to the office where it is actioned in real time. Whether it's an upsell opportunity, a new business opening, or service request; you can rest assured, warm, timely leads flow from the frontline to you in seconds. Need help on the sales side? A dedicated rep, highly trained for your industry, will qualify all the leads for you as they pour in and give immediate feedback to the people who sent them. Let us build you a high-impact lead program that never fizzles out.

As a service organization, It’s really a no brainer.

More Revenue

Empowering your frontline will help you find and close more deals while ultimately funding itself. We leverage the collective power of people you already employ to save you time and make you money.

Stronger Company

Engage your people on a consistent basis, creating positive workforce habits, incentives and retention. We allow your team to work closer and more efficiently, creating a stronger company with communication across all lines.

Better Service

Gain deep and immediate insight into your organization as a whole. Intelligence from the field is tracked and actioned in real time, allowing you to address your bottlenecks and provide a better service.


See what our clients are saying.

Proven success with organizations from 5 employees to over 5000. We think we’re the best app in the business. But don’t take our word for it.  Listen to our existing customers.

Purolator Courier and Sales Manager talk success
Purolator Courier and Sales Manager talk success
Purolator, Canada’s leading logistics company tapped into the collective power of their couriers.

Waste360 features our story with Waste Management
Waste360 features our story with Waste Management
Waste Management, the largest solid waste company in North America, bridged the gap between their drivers and sales team.

A Telco on the West Coast Hits a 55% Conversion Using Wingmate
A Telco on the West Coast Hits a 55% Conversion Using Wingmate
CityWest, a Telco on the West coast, used Wingmate to blow past revenue targets and get every employee to contribute.

Telus Communications taps into their technicians
Telus Communications taps into their technicians
Telus Communications wanted to increase the number of leads in their sales pipeline by incentivizing their technicians.

Investing in tech? We’ve got solutions for you.

Learn the principles behind the Wingmate program. Beliefs based on our many years of​ experience working with hundreds of service organizations. We’ll find the best solution for your business and ensure implementation is quick and smooth.

Our core solution & the program we were born on. Let us build you a frontline program that works in the field.

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Have us add a dedicated manager on your pipeline for a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house sales rep.

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Now you can seamlessly tap into your customers and external network to crowdsource valuable intelligence.

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It’s never been easier to rally everyone in your business.

1. Reach out

Our team is here to support you. Reach out and we'll answer any questions you may have.

2. Create Program

We craft a best practice program for your business and fast – based on 20 years of frontline psychology.

3. Launch

We will onboard your people and launch your program to start things off with momentum. Believe us when we tell you - it's doesn't get easier.