Make Sales & Service a Team Sport

Simple but Powerful solutions to help people-driven businesses grow faster, retain their clients and improve team communication. Wingmate is redefining “CRM” & Pipeline Management for Service Companies.

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lead capture app for commercial service drivers

How It Works

lead capture app for field service

1. Snap

Our mobile reporting app is a quick & easy tool for your field service staff and sales reps on-the-go to capture the valuable intel they come across daily.

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2. Track

A simple yet powerful CRM & Pipeline Management Platform. Perfect for those who hate the overbuilt legacy CRMs & want to get rid of messy spreadsheets.

inside sales support for commercial service companies

3. Act

Need Inside Salespeople? We provide top talent & AI Outreach to qualify your leads, set appointments & tee-up deals.

Trusted by Leading Companies

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What Clients Say

From Fortune 500s to small service companies, Wingmate’s Pipeline management platform & CRM provides millions of dollars in untapped revenue and time saved to businesses worldwide. 

We help companies turn Sales and Service into a team sport.

Who Benefits from Wingmate?

In-Field Operations Staff

Earn daily rewards for capturing valuable intel with real-time updates and two-way team communication.

What Does a Technical Sales Rep Do?

Sales & Service Reps

Ditch the busy work you hate. Capture and manage your prospects & customers from anywhere.

What Does a Technical Sales Rep Do?


Do more with less. Connect your team and give them practical tools they need to dominate the competition.

Fast, all-in-one Sales & Service communication.

Talk to us today about a custom solution for your organization.

A new kind of Flexible “CRM” built for Sales & Service

lead capture app for field service staff in 10 seconds

Submit intel at your fingertips.

Drive revenue and efficiency with the collective power of your staff. Capture intel in seconds, build density and keep customers happy.

lead capture app used by sales service and operations

Bridge the gap between departments

Reward and communicate stronger between teams. Sales and Service work in harmony allowing you to keep more business.

communicate with office staff after lead capture app submission

Build a team that competiton can’t match

Organize, track, and act on information in real time. Wingmate is a practical tool teams can actually use to be successful together.

Let your whole team use the lead capture app to find new prospects

Increase adoption into Technology

Provide top-notch, informed service to your prospects & customers. While Wingmate provides top-notch service to you. All in-house. 

Seamlessly connect over 8,000 apps through native Integrations.

Nurture Customers & Opportunities effectively

Scribbling down notes is too messy and using overbuilt CRM’s is an expensive headache…that never ends.

Wingmate’s award-winning platform makes it simple for everyone on your team to stay up-to-date. Maximize your team’s ability to capture & track new opportunities, manage your customers at any moment in their day, to improve service and sales.

Gain Reports and Insights in real-time through our Dashboards

Innovative companies are constantly looking for ways to grow revenue and keep their customers happy. Wingmate feeds intel directly from the field into a real-time pipeline for action, tracking, and reporting.

Call us the “CRM Rebels” because we are changing how companies define Technology.

Overbuilt legacy software systems of 20 years ago are no longer helpful. In fact, they are a headache, wasting your time and money.

Wingmate coined “CRM Rebels” to redefine how companies leverage Technology. We know how much Sales and Service teams need a solution built for them. Ditch the data entry, struggles with low adoption, and expensive IT consultants.

Join the “CRM” revolution Wingmate built by and for the people of the Service Industry.

lead capture app used on both dashboard and mobile devices

Ready to Win?

Bring teamwork, excitement, and opportunity to your business.