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Wingmate is an award-winning platform designed to help Commercial Service Businesses unite their teams to save time, drive sales & communicate better.

We’re growing and are now looking to the people who know our platform best to help continue our organic growth.

We know we’ve got a good thing. We just need the right partners to spread awareness.

Simply connect us to a prospect over an email intro and we take it from there, while you earn.

Referral partnerS

Become an Advisor and refer other businesses to our industry-leading platform. Earn a commission for every new prospect you introduce us to.

reselling partners

Wingmate Reselling partners are given the proper instruction and resources to add our Software as part of your service offering. Add a unique component to your already competitive operation.

integration partners

Become a platform partner with Wingmate and optimize the integration of our system with other applications in the industry. 

Wingmate is tailored to any business with people on-the-go:

  • Laundry/Linen /Facility Services
  • Waste Management / Environmental
  • Courier/Logistics
  • HVAC / Maintenance
  • Telecommunications
  • Food Service
  • Commercial Equipment Supply
  • Tire, Fleet & Dealerships
  • Vending Coffee / Office Management
  • Document Management (Shredding)
  • Fuel Supply
  • Construction Site Services
  • Landscaping / Pools / Contractors
  • Pest Control & Grafitti
  • Construction Deficiency & Lead reporting
  • Property Management

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After everything is in place, we get to work. Grow your network, place our software, and grow every partner business with the help of a revolutionary product. 

Proven Success

“It was hands down the easiest program to get started with. It has created a powerful linkage between our sales and operations staff. Consistent communication and feedback between the groups. We’re making each other stronger as a team on a daily basis.”

Josh H. VP Sales, Waste Management

CRM Rebels.

Wingmate is changing the status quo of what a CRM should do for a business. No longer will SMB’s be stuck with an overbuilt or complicated CRM platform. Be part of the team that revolutionizes the Service Industry.

Revolutionizing the Service Industry.

From Big corporations to small-medium-sized businesses, Wingmate has helped hundreds of service companies grow their business by utilizing the in-field staff they already have.

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