Field Service Dispatch & Validation Sofware

Connect the field and the office

With Wingmate’s dispatching and validation tool, Say goodbye to paper-shuffling between teams, wasted admin hours and time-consuming double handling. Manage field employees and service technicians in the simplest way. 

Customer Success

Wingmate helps businesses of all sizes, from Fortune 500 companies to small service providers, unlock millions of dollars in untapped revenue and save valuable time. Our innovative solutions have been proven to drive success for our customers around the globe. Learn how Wingmate can help your business thrive. 

field reporting app for all staff

A smart dispatch solution that shows you everything

Wingmate is the ultimate field management service software for service-driven businesses that connects every part of your business on one simple, yet powerful system. Accessible from anywhere and updated in real-time, Wingmate allows you to dispatch your technicians and keep track of their progress through the dynamic dispatch pipeline.

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New Work Order

Take your operations on the go with a powerful mobile solution

On a single screen, see all your work orders: assigned, unassigned and completed. Never worry about assigning the wrong tech – assign work orders to techs based on skill set, availability and location proximity.

Creating life-long customers begins with providing great, reliable service

Access and manage customer information, add notes and provide top-notch customer service all in one platform. Export, send and use images to show customers exactly what the problem is, how it’s changed over time and when the job is completed.

Service & dispatch Pipeline stages
Let your whole team use the lead capture app to find new prospects

A Service Software Built For Your Industry

Deliver unmatched service to your customers. Know precisely what your customers need and when they need it, and deliver immediate action. Quickly review all of the work that you’ve performed and quoted each time a customer calls. Most importantly, Know exactly what equipment your current customers are using without stepping foot on their property or site.

No other Dispatching Software is this easy.

Whether you’re in the office or in the field you can easily add information to customers’ profiles and work orders. Become a top-notch service provider and save your time and admin work, by utilizing Wingmate’s simple CRM and Dispatch software.

Dispatch in seconds

Ready to Win?

Bring teamwork, excitement, and opportunity to your business.

Wingmate Lead capture App and dashboard for simple crm and prospecting

“It was hands down the easiest program to get started with. It has created a powerful linkage between our sales and operations staff. Consistent communication and feedback between the groups. We’re making each other stronger as a team on a daily basis.”

Josh H.

VP Sales, Waste Management