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Frequently Asked Questions

Is My Data Safe?

Data security is paramount to us. Rest assured we use best practices to protect you. Your data will never be shared with any third party without your permission. We limit users’ access to data and adhere to strict password standards. We also keep systems limited to their own network spaces and all data and network communications are encrypted.

What Should I Expect For My Return on Investment

Want to crunch your own numbers, check out our ROI calculator below:

ROI Calculator 

What Goes into Implementation?

It has never been this quick and easy to launch a Wingmate program. Here’s how it works:


  1. We learn about your business and help you develop a best practice program
  2. Add your users to your personalized platform
  3. Schedule a brief 30-minute training for an official launch


Trust the experts; we’ll manage the whole thing. A dedicated rep will help onboard, train and engage your program. We reach out to everyone in your business to ensure buy-in and success.

If I Cancel, Do I Lose All of My Contacts?

If you choose to cancel, you will have the opportunity to export and keep your data before it becomes inaccessible.

How Much Data Does the Mobile App Use?

We’ve optimized the mobile app usage to use next to no data. If you were to open a social app on your phone once, it would be equivalent to sending 40 leads (in technical terms, that’s around 0.1MB per lead)!

Is My Company Too Small?

Talking happens in any company, but how do you track what’s important? More importantly, how do you create and reward positive habits? We work with businesses from 5 employees up to more than 5000. If you are a small business, this is a high impact and affordable way to grow.

Will You Integrate With Our Current Systems?

We will integrate seamlessly with any system you have. Reach out to us and we can have our technical team work with you to create the synergy of your dreams. We’ve performed countless integrations of different scopes. We can also provide you with robust API documentation.


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