Goodbye, messy spreadsheets & overbuilt CRMs


A Simple & Powerful CRM for Service-driven Companies. Wingmate is perfect for people that are tired of the overbuilt, overpriced & under-used legacy CRMs and want a stronger solution built around Sales & Service. 

Keep your team focused on Sales & Service…not data entry

From the field to the office, your Sales & Customer Service teams have everything they need at their fingertips. No Master Class required, we make Enterprise CRM Software feel fun.

Client Success Stories

From Fortune 500s to small service companies, Wingmate provides millions of dollars in untapped revenue and time saved to businesses worldwide. 


Capture prospects, customers & insights on the go in seconds.

How many times do you pass a potential lead? With our easy lead capture (powered by AI), prospect and customer data can be snapped & tracked on the move.

No need to type, prospect and customer information is filled out and geo-coded for you all in our Mobile CRM. 

Picture / Video AI
Voice To Text No Typing

Visualize & Customize Pipelines in our drag & drop dashboard

Wingmate allows you to customize pipelines to fit your needs. Need a Customer Service pipeline? or an Work-Order pipeline? Our easy-to-use “CRM” is tailored by us for your business. Customize everything from stages, fields, and dashboard reports, while keeping things intuitive.

Sales Pipeline stages
Customer success Pipeline stages
Service & dispatch Pipeline stages

Simple CRM minus the busy work…

View your data effectively. Assign and update details on all your leads and customer records. Track things like reminders, contract-expiry dates, proposals, geo-location and know all history down to the second.

EasyDoc- Generate Quotes, Proposals, & More in seconds

EasyDoc will allow you to create, automatically populate and generate ANY document. Some examples include proposals, quotes, service agreements, work orders, and templates, all within the Wingmate CRM.


Mapping & Territories for teams on the go

Our satellite and map integration pins all your leads & customers for you. Also displaying all the surrounding businesses as well. With geofencing, color coding and territories, you can find and export lists. Moreover, measure & build client density in the area that you’d like to target for the day.

Seamless Native Integration into 8,000+ platforms.

What gets measured gets done

We inspire team communication – big time. First, tag team members and get the complete picture on an account: track calls, emails, and reminders. Then, add appointments directly into your Google or Outlook calendars from the app.

Analytics & Reporting that gives real leaders actionable insights

Our Simple CRM is available on both desktop and mobile devices. All details regarding your customers & prospects can be updated in the palm of your hand.  Time-consuming tasks, complicated reports, and headaches that come with legacy CRM will be gone. Connect Sales & Operations like never before. Get real-time updates on things like contract expiry, ensuring you are one step ahead of your competitors. 

In-house Support: At Wingmate, the same people that built the platform are the ones that ensure your success.

Call us the “CRM Rebels” because we are changing how companies define CRM.

Overbuilt legacy CRMs of 20 years ago are no longer helpful. In fact, they are a headache, wasting your time and money. We all know spreadsheets won’t cut it either.

We coined the term “CRM Rebels” because we are redefining the industry. We know how much Sales & Service teams need a platform built for them. Reps hate the data-entry, and Managers struggle with low adoption and expensive IT consultants every turn they make. 

simple crm vs mr generic image

What Sets Wingmate Apart Beside The Obvious

Intuitive Design, Mobile & Cost-Effective

EasyDoc - generate custom proposals, work orders, or any document at the click of a button.

FLYfill - Ditch the data entry and fill out forms by speaking into your phone. Lead capture powered by AI.

In house support, training and integration teams. Integrate with over 5000 of the most popular apps.

Get oversight into your team and measure potential bottlenecks. Generate more leads and close faster.

Better communication, more accountability, and higher engagement, all tracked in real-time down to the second & location.

Discover Wingmate

Intuitive & never overbuilt. See why we are loved by Sales & Services.