Rebuilding Sales Growth During covid-19

In a Changing World…

Industries are using Wingmate to drive new sales and better customer service after Covid-19

    Events of this magnitude mark the end of one era and the beginning of the next. How you choose to adapt, innovate and execute presently will have a profound impact on business’s success as we come out of the tunnel that is COVID-19. 


    “Setback has often cleared the way for greater prosperity” – Seneca

    Tap into your frontline staff to add relevant product lines, track competitors and be the first in the door.

    As businesses reopen, they will have a new outlook and be looking for providers. Contracts will end, and for every business that doesn’t make it, a new one will eventually take its place. Be sure to motivate all your employees, especially your front line staff on the road, to be on the lookout for opportunities. Acquiring new accounts fast and efficiently with the resources you have will be essential.

    Frontline employees are the core of your customer service; they represent your brand and services to your clients and can ultimately influence decisions. Frontline employees are a potent source of intelligence.

    Moreover, consider adding new products, recovering decreased service and increasing penetration (relevant to COVID-19) within your existing accounts. Consider formalizing a campaign/program with your frontline to recognize and relay these growth opportunities.

    Lastly, keep an eye out for competitive intelligence. If your employees notice a competitor picking up from a particular location nearby, you should be tracking it.

    Wingmate incentivizes your front line to become an extension of your sales team; recognizing and relaying growth opportunities in real-time.

    Covid has forced most companies to evaluate, refine and evolve their processes. 

    When things get difficult, we get exposed to the foundations we built. There may be inefficiencies that we start to discover. During more prosperous periods, we don’t always have time to evaluate how effective the things we do are.

    Now is when we should reflect, plant seeds for the future and develop structure in the foundation of our business. Evolving could mean a combination of things; cutting unnecessary resources, developing new strategies and potentially planning for new systems.

    One thing we recommend is looking at different tools to make your sales team more efficient. Those without an organized way to track prospects (working in spreadsheets or expensive & under-utilized CRMs) should check out our Simple CRM.

    As outside sales moves inside, activity tracking takes precedent, making an organized approach to prospecting paramount. A CRM will make it easier to work remotely, manage, measure and track everything sales – ultimately necessary for any high performing team today.


    Start dialling for dollars. Partner with our Inside Sales Pros to save money and drive results.

    Outside sales is changing due to COVID, and there may be cuts to your sales team. The dynamic of how you sell may change significantly. It helps if you maximize the resources you do have, ensuring an ROI on every employee.

    Some of the best sales organizations, learn to out-source certain tasks. By doing this, they allow their salespeople to focus on the most crucial thing: closing. In the words of Alec Baldwin from Glengarry Glen Ross, “ABC, (Always Be Closing).” Whether it’s prospecting, making calls or sending emails, inside sales can be done outside your organization at a lower cost. Our inside sales support is a guaranteed way to stay lean, cost strategic and high-impact.


    “It’s like having an inside sales team at a fraction of the cost.”

    Customer Stories

    From Fortune 500s to small independents, we help clients of all sizes across the service industry. Watch some reputable firms  explain their winning experience.

    “Front line workers tend to sit at the lower end of the organizational totem pole, meaning their views are often overlooked. But if you take a moment to think about it, some of the best sources of observatory research can come from those at first point of customer contact” – Harvard Business Review

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