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“We were lost in Salesforce, Wingmate solved all of our problems.”


“Tremendous Success Story – Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen a huge increase in new appointments being set as a result of leads being sent in from our drivers. Wingmate’s PM, Alex, has done a tremendous job. This past week we closed a new deal as a result of an appointment he booked. We’re very happy with Wingmate’s Solutions.”

-Brian Jaimes, Sales Manager, Ace Image Wear

NDC Mats deploys the Wingmate “trifecta” to get more leads, close them faster, and work better as a team.

“When we decided to really focus on sales, I decided to bring Matt in to go over his app. I felt it could be a great tool for generating qualified leads, tracking our existing sales team and it worked…almost too well!”

-Bryan Stock, Vice President, National Dust Control

RenoRun earns $1 mm in revenue in first 9 months.


“Wingmate has been a huge part our journey. From energizing our field staff, hitting our customer acquisition goals, and growing our sales team with help from their PMs, especially Eric H. (Wingmate).  The ability to scale our sales efforts with Wingmate has been truly amazing. I’m incredibly impressed with their team, the Wingmate product, and most of all, the results! I would highly recommend Wingmate to any company looking to scale up their operation.”

-Andrew Riachi, Head of Sales Operations, RenoRun

From Excel to Simple CRM – “Wingmate is the feather in our hat!”

“I’ve been in this industry for over 22 years, I’ve tried dozens of management/tracking systems, nothing else has the same ease and simplicity as this Wingmate App. It has allowed us to cover a much larger territory with a relatively smaller team. We’re now able to see exactly what’s out there and gain new business.”

– Stephen Driscoll, Director of Facility Services/Uniform, Penn Enterprises Inc. 

Waste Management boosts driver engagement by over 70%.

“It was hands down the easiest program to get started with. It’s created a powerful linkage between our  sales and operations staff. Consistent communication and feedback between the groups. We’re making each other stronger as a team on a daily basis.”

-Josh H., VP of Sales, Waste Management 

SITEX scraps pen & paper and boosts lead submission by 700%.

“Before Wingmate, we had a route lead program, but it was paper-based, didn’t get utilized and was hard to track. After Wingmate, we now have a lead program that is 100% utilized. It’s simple to use, simple to track, and we’ve had over 300 leads come in across 26 routes in just 2 months.”

-Chris Stratman, Director of Sales, Sitex Uniform

Doritex nominates us for “Idea of the year.”

“I would highly recommend Wingmate to a colleague or a friend. It’s been very easy to use and very user-friendly. I cannot speak highly enough for the platform.”

-Mike C., District Manager, Doritex

Purolator Increases Sales by $2.5 mm over two years.

“Wingmate is fantastic. The minute I put in the lead sales gets it instantly and acts on it. I think this is a great way to bring operations and sales together. In the 20 years I’ve been with Purolator this is the best program we’ve had.”

-Mike S., Courier, Purolator

“Tracking my teams progress in the field and through our pipeline has never been easier!”

Katrina C.

Sales Manager , Topper

“We love Wingmate and we use it every day. It’s definitely the most engaging tool we’ve seen our drivers use to help us grow the business.”

Randy D

District Sales Manager , Waste Connections

“I now have all my leads from the frontline tracked in one place. I also get notified every-time I have a new lead. Its great!”

Debby Kennedy

Salesperson, CityWest

“I like the simplicity and the idea of checking all my lead gen stuff in one elegant app. Like how much money I’ve earned on my referrals.”


Tyler Kinsey

Technician, Telus

“Wingmate has allowed the opportunity for our route representatives to also become an impactful part of our sales team.”

Mike Williams

Sales Director, North Star Mat

“Wingmate brought us together as a company. Results have been amazing too – we’re closing at over double the industry average.”

Dawn Kerr

Senior Business Dev. Manager , Urban Waste Recycling

“The Wingmate campaign at ORCA truly opened our eyes to the potential we had on the frontline. The ability to set goals and measure this potential makes the platform very special.”

Spiro Frangos

Senior Vice President, Orca

“Using Wingmate has been amazing, my guys in the field have been visiting potential client sites while I close them from my desk.”

Rob C.

VP of Sales , Sage

“The integration will allow hauling companies to benefit from opportunities employees identify daily in the normal course of operations and travel.”


Bill Bradley

Owner, Waste Solutions

“In most service companies, there is often a huge disconnect between operations and sales and that keeps those companies from realizing their full potential.”



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