Your CRM is your lifeline. In this digital world, maintaining a centralized database of information is imperative to your business, to track the flow of sales, ensure constant two-way communication, and interactions with prospect leads. 

All CRM software by definition must have the following core features:


1. Contact Management

2. Interaction Tracking

3. Lead Management 


Mobile CRMs offer the ability to work from anywhere and instantly record information directly through the application in real-time. Mobile solutions are nothing new, the industry is expanding and there are new players in the game! 

By now, everyone has heard of Salesforce. While we respect the flex of this popular platform and its storied history, having been amongst one of the first pioneering CRM software, there exist many innovative, efficient, and more affordable alternatives. In other words, it’s time for something different!

But which is the right CRM solution for your small or medium-sized business?

A CRM’s app value is much more than simply maintaining a customer list. These services also instantly track every interaction your field staff has with any given customer and provide a means of measuring these interactions. This can include purchase details, order history, leads tracking, and even interactions or conversations containing business decisions or requests. Mobile CRM platforms store information in a secure way and allow field staff to easily track, analyze, and review data when needed.

It’s time to go paperless. Mobile CRM delivers a full CRM experience on smartphones, tablets, and other internet-enabled devices. It enables sales, marketing, and customer service teams to access and manage key information in real-time, wherever they are, directly from their device. Eliminating busywork and tedious tasks is easy with a mobile CRM, and inputting information is simple to navigate on this app-based platform. Mobile CRMs also offer the ability to leverage leads more effectively with the built-in lead capture software. 

At Wingmate, we work with many field service organizations, as well as with field staff, drivers, technicians, in various industries including environmental services, telecommunication, utilities, couriers, construction/contracting, real estate, and maintenance. Our app is provided for field service staff forces, which includes an easy-to-navigate analytics dashboard. Leverage the collective intelligence of your whole team by equipping them with a tool to collect intelligence and opportunities. Ensure deliverables are on track with reminders, gamification, and email, SMS, and even push notifications.

Wingmate’s affordable sales tracking mobile app helps busy professionals spend more time with their clients. Scout new business opportunities and up-sell existing clients. Ditch the pen and paper and opt for an app to seamlessly connect you with all aspects of your business. 

Ready to knock out the competition with Wingmate? Let’s get to work.

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