Field Reporting App

Give your Frontline Team a voice

Capitalize on what your staff in the field see and hear every day with our Field Reporting App.

field reporting app for all staff

Capturing Opportunities Is As Easy As 1-2-3

One of your field staff notices a customer issue or sales lead on their route. 

Your sales rep is having lunch and realizes the restaurant could use your service.

You’re driving home and notice a new store opening up in your neighborhood.

Maximize the Revenue Potential & Efficiency of your Field Staff

Using our mobile app, your people can capture leads and opportunities in literally seconds.

Who are your field staff?

What intel can they report?

Drivers or CSRs
Door-to-Door Scouts
Partners, customers & family
Sales Leads & Referrals
Up-sell / Cross-sell Opportunities
Customer Complaints
Safety Issues
Service Issues / Deficiencies

How It Works

Report Intel on the go in seconds

Ditch pen & paper. Your field staff can easily capture active leads and service intel with our app. It doesn’t get any easier or more streamlined than this. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI), users don’t even have to type!

Picture / Video
Voice To Text No Typing

Real-time tracking, updating, and communicating with your field staff

Allow everyone to share the victory of a new business. Users communicate in real-time from capture to close. Keep your lead-generators updated by allowing them to track the status of all their contributions right in the app.


Reward employees that drive positive business outcomes

Appreciate your employees effortlessly and seamlessly. Trackable bonuses are displayed in the app as deals close. Set targets, review leaderboards, and reward your top performers.

“Wingmate is fantastic. The minute I put in the lead, the sales team gets it instantly and acts on it. I think this is a great way to bring operations and sales together. In the 20 years I’ve been with Purolator, this is the best program we’ve had.”

Mike S.

Courier, Purolator

On-site reporting of any issue or deficiency

It’s not all about new sales leads. Capture, employee referrals, safety issues, deficiencies, customer complaints, cross-sell opportunities all streamlined and housed in their own pipelines

Track it all in Our CRM, OR integrate seamlessly with yours

Forget handwritten notes that fall through the cracks. Instead, share & track relevant timely intel.


Are you already committed to a CRM?
Wingmate has an Open API, Is on Zapier and the SalesForce App Exchange. This allows us to integrate with over 5000 other platforms. 

Wingmate Client Success

From Fortune 500s to independent companies, Wingmate provides businesses with millions of dollars in untapped revenue and time savings. Discover how our customers have grown their businesses using Wingmate’s Reporting App. 

Made to fit your processes

From sales leads, service issues, safety concerns, and customer feedback, all activity from the field is geo-tagged and reported in real-time. Many items can go missed or forgotten when moving from site to site. Having a rich source of intel at the core of your business can drive revenue and customer insights. 

lead capture app for commercial service drivers


Maximize the eyes and ears of your existing team

Do more with less. Drive more sales, improve customer service and team communication throughout your existing assets.

Increase Route Density and Account Penetration

Enhance culture and performance for your field staff.

Grow Opportunities without spending a dime on a new hire

Make everyone in your organization an extension of your sales team without any extra work. You already pay for your field staff’s arms & legs. Why not utilize their eyes & ears too?

Stronger communication, accountability, & higher engagement - tracked in real-time

Get everyone on the same page & don’t let anything go un-serviced. Hold your service team accountable for their responsibilities, while ensuring that your salespeople will follow up in real-time.

Simple to use and Integrates easily into any process

Get up & running right away! Wingmate doesn’t require a team of consultants or a crash course to get started. 

Discover Wingmate

“Field staff tend to sit at the lower end of the organizational totem pole, meaning their views are often overlooked. But if you take a moment to think about it, some of the best sources of observatory research can come from those at the first point of customer contact”

Harvard Business Review