Is Facility Service Management easy?

One Facility Services Manager says, “I have a fear of overly complicated Applications…”

The other replies, “ Yup, it’s a complex complex complex complex complex world out there…”


Choosing the right service software to improve profitability and your business’s overall bottom line should be your top priority. Selecting a mobile solution that is copacetic for your employees and business structure doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, the right service software can help you to effectively organize all resources involved in the field service management (FSM) aspects of facility services, and to select the best provider to unlock. First, let’s review some of the basics.


Your CRM platform should do all the work – not the other way around! FSM typically involves dispatching workers or contractors to a location outside company premises to install, maintain or repair equipment, systems, or assets. FS managers keep track of an organization’s field resources and coordinate the work of field service practitioners who deliver skilled, specialized or proprietary services to clients.


In the facilities management world, a good CRM platform should present the following solutions:

  1. Lead capture software to generate new leads and potentials. Your CRM should work effortlessly to schedule new appointment intakes and maximize sales.
  2. Maintain 2-way communication between field staff and office executives to ensure the continued flow of information. We get it, sometimes communication is hard 😛 but a pleasant visual interface that is easy to use makes it infinitely easier and faster.
  3. Lead management & organization to create an ordered structure for managing volumes of deliverables and timelines. Follow-ups and invoicing made easy!
  4. Incentivizing field staff with rewards & incentives to motivate positive behaviors in the workforce. Retain your top talent and gain access to employee insights and actions.
  5. Manage contracts effectively with your customers and ensure service level agreements (SLAs) are met or exceeded. Keep your information organized and easily accessible at all times.


Like any other business, property and facility management companies are constantly looking for new ways to perform tasks more efficiently and accurately, at lower costs, and of course – increase revenue baselines. Leaders know (especially the good ones!) that this hinges on an accessible platform that will facilitate communication between field employees and ops staff.


In today’s advanced technological environment, in order to accomplish this, a mobile CRM must provide a complete 360-degree view of the business. Wingmate prioritizes customers, contracts, and communication to allow FSMs to devote more time and energy to their operations.


Increase your company’s productivity, efficiency, and accuracy, and get new insight into your team quickly. Teamwork makes the dream work, wouldn’t it be great to live the dream?


Request a demo today and get us on your team to show you how Wingmate can transform your facility services business.

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