Customer Satisfaction – It really is the most crucial factor to separate good from lousy service businesses. You can have the newest technology, the most diverse product line, the largest market, but it means nothing if your customers aren’t satisfied. Like every part of a business operation, you have to look at what you’re selling and what your customers are buying. It boils down to one thing, execution. Do you deliver on what you promised, and is your customer happy with the result? How would you know without a tool for service issues?

Having worked with many companies in the service industry, I’ve been able to identify critical problems that directly impact customer satisfaction.

Before I go into each, I want to illustrate the importance of communication across your entire operation. You’ll quickly see how all of these common mistakes have evolved from simple misinformation and confusion. Proper, transparent, and efficient communication is critical in order to avoid these. You can easily solve with an easy tool for service issues and connecting your team.


Common problems in service;

1.  A disconnect between sales and operations

This problem is the basis for almost every other challenge in customer satisfaction. When there’s a disconnect and lack of communication between these two, your operation can’t be efficient. You have two different minds trying to control the body of your business with absolutely no balance.


2. No contact after the selling process is complete.

I completely understand why this happens, but it must be solved. If your goal is to gain a customer once, then sure, this works. But if you’re trying to make that customer last and have them come back, there needs to be a bit of a relationship, updates, a progression. Because we’re in the service business, we don’t deal with one and done’s; we need them coming back.


3. Lack of monitoring, innovating and updating your offering.

Your customers may come to you with an original problem, but that can change. Especially today, to remain competitive, you have to constantly look for ways to out-team the competition and add even further value to your business. However, this can’t be solved if there’s a communication disconnect and your decision-makers don’t know what those updates should be.


All of these problems are directly related to the overall outcome of your solution. How well did you execute your promise? Could someone else have done it better?

The easy solution is simply to connect the dots with a tool for service issues. Make sure that your operational staff, who see your clients daily (weekly, etc.), have a chance to report back reviews. You don’t need to have an entire customer service staff calling after the job with a survey.

Keep it human, natural, and be able to act on it in the same matter.

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.”–Jeff Bezos

Your drivers, technicians, routes, your entire field staff are hosting your clients daily. It’s your job to make sure they have what they need to keep the party going.

To put it simply. Recognize what your clients value most (Reporting App), have open communication between all areas of the operation (Simple CRM) and have touchpoints to relay back and forth.

Our mission at Wingmate is to help service businesses grow by gaining new clients, but just as importantly, we help you keep them yours.

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