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A CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system, in essence, provides a centralized location for your organization to store prospect and client data, track your customer relations, and communicate this information with your colleagues. It enables companies to manage client relationships, which allows for the expansion of your business. A Field Service Management System is a tool used for optimizing and organizing business operations that are conducted outside of the office – out in the “field.” An FSM system can be used to schedule service orders, dispatch agents, and track job status and vehicle locations.

CRMs and FSMs are used by both small and large businesses to keep track of your field workers as well as your customer relationships. 

What Is Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is a software-as-a-service company that operates in the cloud. It is a sales CRM (customer relationship management) product that is available as an online application and a mobile app. It’s a deal-driven CRM that also serves as an account management tool, and can also help with marketing and the complete sales process.

Pipedrive CRM

What’s Wingmate?

Wingmate is a CRM and FSM tool that offers comprehensive client relationship management as well as field service management. Our Lead Capture App makes it simple for your field workers to capture valuable information they come across while out in the field, and our simple, yet powerful CRM is the perfect tool for those of you who are tired of spreadsheets and overbuilt CRM software.

We built our system around the needs of our clients. Every new change in our development has been made based on what our clients (especially salespeople) are saying they need. We removed the pointless data entry, the overbuilt field, and created a simple, but powerful CRM system that is loved by over 300 commercial service providers in North America.

Dynamic view of the lead capture app in action on the dashboard

What Do Managers Look For In A CRM/Field Service Tech?


Improved customer satisfaction, expand your customer base, enhance your support and sales teams, improve the efficiency of your business.

Value Add:

Time and cost savings, improved workflow, automation, sales forecasting, improved revenue, improved workflow, and better customer service.

Typical Pushback:

Users would prefer leadership to make decisions, cost, poor communication, resistance to change.

How It Makes Their Life Easier:

It gives them detailed analytics, improves productivity and efficiency, offers a centralized database of information, provides automated sales reports, and streamlines internal communication. 

What is a SQL

What Do Salespeople Look For In A CRM/Field Service Tech?


Ease of use, improved efficiency, added support, optimized schedules, better lead generation, more prospects.

Value add:

No manual work, better relationship management with clients, close more deals, improve team coordination.

Typical Pushback:

Resistant to change, having to learn new software, 

How It Makes Their Life Easier:

Automation saves time and reduces the need for manual input, better communication with colleagues means swifter closings, extra support from managers and colleagues.

In-Field Service Staff

Earn rewards for valuable intel you come across daily, with real-time updates & 2-way communication.


Track, update & sell on the move. Ditch the busy work you hate. Plus, have your meetings booked for you.


Do more with less. Connect your team & give them the practical tools they need to dominate the competition.

What Growth Can You Expect From Wingmate or Pipedrive?

The biggest pain we’ve found after speaking to our customers is the waste of time they’ve spent in other CRMs. Too many other CRMs require hours every day, inputting data, updating prospects, and adding reminders. It’s ridiculous!

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of sales reps turn their backs on CRMs. They can’t even hear the word without wincing.

A CRM is supposed to make salespeople’s lives easier, keep them organized, and save them time. Wingmate is often referred to as the ‘CRM Rebels’, as we’ve taken these broken systems, removed unneeded portions, and kept what salespeople love about CRMs.

Key Features of Wingmate: 

  1. 24/7 Live Phone Support
  2. Mobile app for field service workers
  3. Simple CRM and Lead Tracking

Key Features of Pipedrive: 

  1. All-in-one sales software
  2. Pipeline customization
  3. Lead generation tools

Final Thoughts

There are so many CRM and FSM solutions to choose from that it can be tough to know which one is right for your company. We make CRM, lead capture, lead generating, and field service management so simple with Wingmate that even the least technologically savvy team member can ace it. Our 4.6-star rating on Google Reviews against Pipedrive’s 4.2-star rating should help you make a more informed decision.

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