It’s no secret that the telecom market is more competitive than ever. Which provider your clients go with and why is an equation every VP Sales looks to solve. We know that it comes down to more than just price. Let’s look at what we believe to be the top strategy for telecom lead generation. It starts with your customer-facing employees: the technicians.

Are your techs providing leads to your sales team? Is it easy for them? Do they communicate together? Can they share the victory of a new win? These are all questions you should be asking. When trying to grow sales, you need to make your techs part of the top strategy for telecom lead generation.

Every time MLB TV goes down in my home, the whole house knows. My dad is upset and he shares it graciously. When a telco technician arrives to fix the problem, the mood is desperate but sceptical. Things slowly begin to change. As the technician brings the MLB channel back to life, my dad can return to his happy place – regular MLB programming with beer and wings. The rapport is established, the technician is now a friend, and at this point, the tech could even sell him napkins to go with his food! Heck, he’s already in his home, he’s the hero, and a hero can sell any extra service your company has to offer. 

At the end of the day, technicians are the trusted, customer-facing personnel. Not only can they promote other services and upgrades that your company offers, they are also constantly passing new opportunities throughout their day. If there’s interest from a client, they should have an easy way to send it back to sales and track it.

“Amazon attributes up to 35% of its revenue to cross-selling” – Forbes

It’s all about making it easy! Well not quite, that’s just one aspect! We also must consider the psychology behind sharing the victory of a new customer or service add. It comes down to instilling an appreciation for the tech and their extra work in your company culture. Let’s highlight what you need to sell effectively through your technicians/employees, different situations you can expect, and last but not least, the results! Real results from companies that have implemented this top strategy for telecom lead generation.

What you need to sell effectively through your technicians/employees

      1. Be specific and targeted in your messaging to frontline employees. Tell them clearly what to look out for. Promotions, upsell, new business/residence going up, etc.
      2. Easy lead capture. Leads should be captured and sent to sales in seconds (with the ability to take a photo). No more pen and paper, call-ins, and complex in-house systems that only deter people from wanting to send a lead.
      3. The ability to track their leads, and share the victory of new business all while communicating in realtime with sales
      4.  Tell them what’s in it for them. Employees are not only shown what to look for and given the proper tools, they can also be engaged in a contest or rewarded with cash (optional)

Different situations you can expect from an employee lead program

      1. Technicians are the trusted, all-seeing personnel. If there’s interest from a client or if they are passing new potential prospects, they can easily send leads or the leads go instantly to sales
      2. Employees’ friend and family referral campaigns. Everybody at your company can and will become a part of the growth initiative. The company as a whole (sales, operations, accounting, finance, etc) will contribute when they come across leads.
      3. B2B/Enterprise case. Associates and sources of leads for the enterprise accounts are tracked and taken care of. An enterprise account executive can source new leads as well. Start building a trusted network of lead referrers who are already in contact with potential clients (for example, commercial building managers, professionals and advisors, etc).
      4. Customer Retention. A large Telco can truly take care of all their customers as well as “take care of friends and family” by allowing any employee to report customer issues and “own” the relationship. 

Using a program like Wingmate allows your employees to do all this.


Results from companies that have implemented this top strategy for telecom lead generation

Many telecoms are beginning to deploy this new top strategy…with the results to show for it. Many see a conversion rate upwards of 50%! To see some real case studies and results with Telus Communications and CityWest click the links.

Wingmate is great for acquiring new business, but also a very powerful upsell and cross-sell platform that every company should equip their frontline with.
Learn more about this new top strategy for telecom lead generation.