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A CRM from Customer Relationship Management is a type of software used to develop and optimize companies’ interactions with their prospects or customers. This type of software is made out of systems that allow teams to customize their necessary functions. A field service management system like a CRM is often used in salesforce management, marketing campaign management, sales analysis, and customer support. Customer relationship management tools came up with the appearance of informatics in 1980. With the innovation of technology throughout the years, these software tools have developed and are essential to support companies’ development nowadays.

What is Service Fusion?

Service Fusion is an all-in-one, cloud-based field service management software. It is designed for service providers and businesses of all sizes across many industries. Service Fusion offers field service management, VoIP telephony, GPS fleet tracking, credit card processing, and mobile application solutions within a single suite.

Service fusions dashboard

What’s Wingmate?

Wingmate is a highly intuitive, powerful CRM for commercial services businesses. It helps stay focused on closing deals and the most important tasks. Wingmate helps sales teams and marketers to have better visibility on their pipeline to make more space. As a salesperson or marketer, Wingmate is a tool that helps you capture opportunities from your mobile.

Dynamic view of the lead capture app in action on the dashboard

What Do Managers Look For In A CRM or Field Service Tech?

As managers or salespeople, a CRM or a field service tech is a simple way to monitor and optimize your activities. The CRM provides a dashboard with various data and information about your relationship with your customer and the status of your business. 

A CRM also allows you to keep a constant eye on your activity while circulating easily between the different departments. The biggest perk about this feature is that you can adapt your activity in order to put the proper measures in place to manage customer needs efficiently. 

CRMs are essential to managers. To succeed in marketing and sales campaigns, customer knowledge is key. The masses of information collected in the CRM give you an easy way to analyze needs and identify opportunities. It becomes easier to conquer a new market. 

An important aspect of CRM is its ability to help with implementing proactive strategies. Thanks to its functionalities, a CRM allows you to obtain more relevant performance indicators that support your proactive strategy. By doing so, you aim to anticipate your customers’ expectations and offer them the best suitable product for their needs.¬†¬†¬†

CRM or field service tech is also all about collaboration. Having a data platform accessible by all departments improves the internal flow of information and increases productivity. This improvement will ease interactions between your team members. 

What do managers look for in a CRM or Field Service Tech?

What growth can you expect from Service Fusion or Wingmate?

Key Features of Wingmate: 

  1. Entire pipeline visualization
  2. Opportunities tracking
  3. Lead mapping

Key Features of Service Fusion: 

  1. Customer management
  2. Fast estimates creation
  3. Easy scheduling & dispatching

Final Thoughts

The goal of a CRM is to keep you organized and maximize efficiency at the same time. Service Fusion and Wingmate are both excellent tools to help you optimize your sales and marketing processes. While Service Fusion is more addressed to large-scale companies, Wingmate gives you all the basic features of a powerful CRM with on-the-go functionality. 

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