Before we get into the main course, let’s remind ourselves what we’re talking about.


What’s the difference between Inside and Outside Sales? Let’s decide which is better for you.


According to Forbes Inside sales are essentially virtual sales, professional sales done remotely, “sales in the cloud.” Where Outside Sales are…yes, you guessed it—done in person or “face-to-face,” as they say. So while these terms, Inside vs. Outside, can sound complicated, it turns out that these are pretty much the most straightforward business terms out there.


Now to dive in, Outside sales, for example, door-to-door, in-person pitches, and such, were practiced almost exclusively for centuries but have now been outshined by modern practices associated with Inside Sales (Zoom meetings/phone calls). Of course, this is due to technology, ease, convenience, and the ability to succeed exponentially! Inside Sales come with the ability to sell in higher volume and faster, while outside sales tend to be more time-consuming. Of course, there are benefits to both. Inside Sales, if often more affordable, while also having a higher immediate ROI. Outside efforts are considered quality over quantity. Your sales rep can’t be everywhere at once, but when they make an in-person call, the value is undeniable. The trick should be combining the importance of both sides of sales.


92% of all customer interactions happen over the phone.” SalesForce


The term Inside Sales originated back in the 80s (think Wolf of Wallstreet & Boiler room) as another term to describe telemarketers. Still, it would appear today that even outside sales tactics have blended the lines closer to what we consider Inside Sales. Almost every salesperson has a phone or laptop in front of them. Why am I bringing this up? Even though most sales efforts are made behind a phone or through a screen, especially these days during a pandemic, it’s important to remember the meaning behind a personal touch or face-to-face with someone. There’s a level of accountability, honesty, and the ability to sense an individual’s character when you meet in person, which can sometimes be missed through technology.


I’m not saying that you should pause all of your inside sales efforts, but I am saying, think about the personal touch as well. Do your salespeople take time to research and develop personal relationships? Sometimes these minor changes, especially in the image a salesperson projects, can affect your business success.


From our research, Wingmate recommends a combination of both! You need to have your foot on both pedals. Use an inside rep(s) to drive volume and high-quality meetings and perhaps an outside representative (s) to close the deal. This way, you get the best of both worlds.


Think about ways to incorporate these strategies in your own business. Do you have reps in the field or back at the office?


Where am I generating the best performance from my sales team? If you have reps in the field, constantly visiting your clients and new business opportunities, could they benefit from an Inside Sales team qualifying leads before agents in the area make the trip? Think about the time saved and the value of having your leads qualified. Your outside reps should be focused on closing business, while your inside sales reps should be focused on teeing it up.


“65% of outside account executives are attaining quota which is 10% higher than inside reps.”


It’s about getting the best return, making decisions that have the greatest outcome. Inside Sales are a huge time saver and relatively affordable (way cheaper than the cost of a new outside hire). Use them to call your leads and set appointments. Don’t send a rep to a new business before they have expressed interest. Let reps qualify the lead, and then let your closers(reps in the field) – close.

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