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For the purpose of this article, we’re going to discuss the key use cases, differentiators, and features of both platforms to give potential users a better understanding of each. Before we get started, both of these platforms are incredibly intuitive and powerful but offer different values for each user. While you’re going through each section, please consider the needs of your organization when comparing these two products.

What’s Hubspot?

You’ve probably heard of this CRM, Hubspot. Founded back in 2006, this cloud-based CRM has grown to be an industry leader for scaling marketing and sales efforts for various industries. Built for large organizations tracking millions of customers, Hubspot is a top choice for many.

Looking at the CRM, the functionality is incredibly populated. With any number of abilities and processes. The only concern for many new users in the CRM space is its overcomplication. The system was built over 10 years ago, and so the use cases may or may not be relevant in today’s age. The system is built similar to accounting software, where many fields and inputs are required to keep track of each data point. Thus, making it difficult for new users to take advantage of if looking for something simple and intuitive.

What’s Wingmate?

Wingmate is a simple yet powerful CRM for field service businesses. Perfect for users that hate overbuilt CRMs & need to leave the messy spreadsheets. Designed to save you time and keep your operation organized with little effort. Wingmate’s application was designed to focus on the needs of commercial service businesses, and not overpopulating with unnecessary sections and fields. With a lower cost than any other CRM of its functionality, Wingmate is able to get Commercial Service operators working smarter and more cost-effectively. Sticking to a simple drag and drop pipeline, brand new users can be off to the races within an hour of initial setup.

Overview of Users:

overview of users

Customer Industries:

Hubspot’s users are large enterprises consisting of thousands of office workers handling systematic information processes. Compared to Wingmate, Hubspot’s users are traditionally all users working in a corporate environment. Users are traditionally trained in these systems prior to use and have experience managing large systems. The system is far too complicated and time-consuming for commercial service organizations with different needs to be successful. Many new users that only need certain aspects of the application can routinely spend far too much time navigating through the vast number of fields.

Wingmate was designed specifically for Commercial Service Businesses. We know that you’re too busy to waste time inputting hundreds of fields for each contact and trying to navigate the platform. We built Wingmate’s CRM to save you time, not the other way around.



Pricing Comparison:


Wingmate and Hubspot present different pay structures. Hubspot, like other large CRM applications, is priced based on large enterprise plans. Hubspot isn’t the type of application you can use out of the box without at least some knowledge of complex systems. Since every business has different needs, implementation and start-up costs are associated with this CRM in order to customize.

Wingmate on the other hand is simpler but just as powerful. Its intuitive technology was made for the user’s experience and formatted to be used “out of the box”. Any customization or training needed for the Wingmate CRM is covered based on your company’s needs without the added expense.



pricing comparison



Overall Rating:


salesforce features



Salesforce industry users compared to Wingmates users

Pros & Cons for Each:


Pros and Cons for both Wingmate and salesforce

Customer Testimonials:

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