I’ll be honest, thinking about the world post-covid-19 and what the new landscape will look like for business is scary to me. Are service companies still warry about field staff management? We have no idea what business practices will go back to normal and what will have changed. On top of that, we also wonder, what will businesses be able to do to remain competitive with these new limitations and restrictions?

Let’s think about one of the oldest strategies for growing your business; door-to-door sales. Will this exist in the near future? Considering changes we see every day due to Covid-19, it’s doubtful that this landscape of personal contact will be as available or prevalent in the near future. However, there are instances where in-person meetings are required, for example; those of your field staff. The people delivering your service should now be selling it. For example, couriers, delivery drivers, technicians, waste managers, and a handful of others. These workers should be considered a modern-day gold mine for sales intel…especially in a post-covid world.  Think about it; many other previous salespeople won’t be able to do as many in-person sales calls.

The upcoming market won’t allow for the same amount of salespeople to do home or in-person calls, but businesses still need to grow; they still need to find new prospects. How do we solve this issue? Simple, we have to turn our field staff (anyone deemed essential) into salespeople and provide them with the ability to scout new opportunities in the field and report intel back to the office.

But how do we do this? We can’t just spend months training all of these employees, it’s way too expensive and, how can we guarantee results? You have to use field staff management.

It’s a very simple solution. You connect both your field staff (drivers, routes, technicians, delivery personnel) directly to your sales staff through an Intel Reporting App. With a very simple application given to your in-field employees, they can quickly snap a picture after meeting with a customer and immediately have it in the hands of your sales rep. It’s almost like that sales rep was there in person! They will have exact information regarding that lead and what services or products they are inquiring about at the tip of their fingers with a simple CRM.

Being a successful business owner means adjusting and evolving no matter what difficulty or challenge you come across. There are many little things you can implement with your current operation to help recoup lost sales and generate new business leads. You’d be surprised how well this can work and how these small changes can bring a whole new revenue stream. Check out some of our customer experiences, where you can hear about different uses and ways to implement, especially during this time. It can never hurt to have more salespeople selling your product or service.