The rumors are true. It seems to have been in the making for the better part of a decade, but it looks as if Spreadsheets are no longer pulling their weight in the sales world. Disagree? Now, if spreadsheets have been part of your sales process since the beginning, I get it. It’s what you know. Why switch up something that’s worked for 20 years? But have you seen new field service software?

As larger companies have moved away from Excel data sheets (Spreadsheets) and over to large automated CRM platforms like Salesforce, many smaller companies have passed on the opportunity. In all honesty, it’s no surprise, and I agree with many smaller organizations sticking to their guns. Large CRMs for multinational corporations are just way too overbuilt & often under-utilized. In some cases, it causes more confusion and messiness than basic spreadsheets.

Simply put, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to organizing a company’s activities and prospects. It seems there are two well-known options, on one hand, you stay basic with spreadsheets that can get a little messy and tough to keep updated. On the other, you can go with a name-brand CRM application, however, many are overbuilt for most businesses looking to manage simple tasks…neither are ideal.

What if you’re a small to medium-sized company with operations too big for managing in Excel spreadsheets, but not big enough to sign-on with a conglomerate CRM or perhaps you’ve been burned by one that promised the dream and sold you a logistical nightmare?

If this is something you’ve been asking yourself, then you’ve come to the right place.

A perfect “in the middle” solution, known in the service industry as a “Simple CRM” or “Lead/Progress Tracking App” is built on 2 main principles;


1. Simplicity


Was it that obvious? There’s no point using a simple CRM if it’s still confusing. These apps should be easy to implement, highly engageable, and fun to use for all of your staff.


2. Effectiveness


You know your operation, you know what key items are essential. Your Simple CRM should reflect them. If you have moving pieces, departments in need of communicating, and tasks that need to be tracked. You need those abilities built into your system. These features shouldn’t just be hidden at the back of the platform behind all these “fancy” features that you never end up using. Bring them to the front! Enough is enough.

On top of that, are you paying for features you don’t need? You need to make sure that whichever solution you decide on is accomplishing your goals without costing you an arm & leg to do so.

It’s like driving a Ferrari in a low-speed limit, It end’s up being a waste. 

I’ve seen dozens of medium-sized companies go with a brand name CRM simply just because it sounded familiar. Meanwhile, they’re paying for a CRM tool built for multinational corporations and only using it as a glorified reminder tool. It’s a waste of money. On top of that, it’s incredibly hard to figure out.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve spoken to new customers about how much time they used to waste punching in data every single day. It’s absolutely ridiculous! CRMs are supposed to make your lives easier, not create more work.

Simple is always key. What gets measured, gets done.

Now, are you wondering if this type of tool is right for me? I’ve seen companies leave Excel and I’ve seen them leave big overbuilt CRM apps. Every time, it’s because they ask themselves, “what am I trying to accomplish?”, and “am I really with this tool?” Groupthink is dangerous and can waste years for businesses constantly unhappy with its tools. Find one that’s right for you.

Consider your operation, your goals, your staff, what your daily tasks are, and the best way to nurture relationships with your prospects. Think about what an app could offer; easy tracking, open communication, ease of use, and most of all, simplicity. These tools, such as, field service software should give you the ability to achieve your goals. Make sure they do.

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