Commercial Laundry Service

Make Sales & Service a Team Sport

Innovative & powerful CRM solutions to help Commercial Laundry Providers dominate their competition and retain their customers. 

lead capture app for commercial service drivers

Driving revenue & time saved with over 60 independent laundry providers.

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lead capture app for field service

Lead Capture App

Our mobile reporting app is a quick & easy tool for your RSRs on the go to capture the valuable intel they come across daily.

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Simple CRM

A simple yet powerful CRM for commercial laundry businesses. Perfect for those who hate overbuilt CRMs & want to get rid of messy spreadsheets. 

inside sales support for commercial service companies

Outsourced Sales Team

Need inside salespeople? We provide top talent to qualify your leads, set appointments & tee-up deals.


Earn rewards for valuable intel every day, with real-time updates & two-way communication.


Ditch the busy work you hate. Track, update & sell from anywhere. Plus, have your meetings booked for you.


Do more with less. Connect your team and give them the practical tools they need to dominate the competition.

Submit intel at your fingertips.

Drive revenue and efficiency with the collective power of your RSRs & operations staff. Our self-funding, high-impact, and simple system empowers your organization to grow organically.

lead capture app for field service staff in 10 seconds
communicate with office staff after lead capture app submission

Build a team your competitors can’t match.

Creating success together has never been easier. Reward, update, and communicate between teams with Wingmate. As a result, sales operations and management departments can share business wins and improve customer service across one platform.

Bridge the gap between departments.

Organize, track, and act on information in real-time. Provide your RSRs & operations with greater insights into your business for enhanced decision-making, while growing your company culture sustainably. 

lead capture app used by sales service and operations
Let your whole team use the lead capture app to find new prospects

Retain customers while fostering employee engagement.

Provide top-notch service to your customers. Identify what your customers need and deliver immediate action – boost productivity and engagement with a platform that everyone can utilize.

Nurture leads simply & effectively.

Scribbling down notes has never worked as planned. Our award-winning platform makes it simple for everyone on your team to stay up-to-date. Maximize your team’s ability to capture & track new opportunities & intel at any moment in their day, to improve service and generate sales.

lead capture app used on both dashboard and mobile devices
Wingmate CRM with Analytics

Analyze everything in our Simple CRM Dashboard.

Innovative companies are constantly looking for ways to grow revenue and keep their customers happy. Our platform feeds intel directly from the field into a real-time pipeline for action, tracking, and reporting.

Ready to Win?

Bring teamwork, excitement, and opportunity to your business.

Wingmate Lead capture App and dashboard for simple crm and prospecting

“It was hands-down the easiest program to get started with. It has created a powerful linkage between our sales and operations staff,  consistent communication, and feedback between the groups. We’re making each other stronger as a team on a daily basis.”

Josh H.

VP Sales, Waste Management