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Wingmate engages your employees, on the go,
to drive new sales, improve customer service and
communicate in real-time. Discover how laundry companies have used Wingmate to grow and strengthen their businesses. 

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Sell More.

Maximize the collective power of your routes and employees in the field to drive revenue. Wingmate is low cost, high-impact and user-friendly. Utilize your business’s existing assets, most of which are already positioned perfectly to deliver. Wingmate makes sales easy and engaging, helping you manage your whole program.

Communicate Better.

Working collaboratively to drive success has never been simpler. Reward, update and communicate between teams. With Wingmate, sales, operations and management can work across/within one platform to share the victory of new business and improve customer service.

Efficiency & Service.

A sustainable way to grow your operation and enhance your company’s culture. Information is organized, tracked and actioned in real-time. Provide your employees with the tools they need to be effective. Benefit from greater insights into your business to yield superior decision making.

Laundry providers can capture leads within seconds.

No paper, no problem. Make it simple for your routes and employees to capture and deliver warm leads on-the-go. Addresses are automatically, geo-tagged and employees are able to provide context by merely speaking into your devices to capture voice notes. Capture things like: 

  • Sales Leads & Referrals
  • Up-Sell / Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Service Issues
  • Deficiencies
  • Customer Complaints
  • Safety Issues
  • Competitive Intel

Real-time tracking, updates and communication with your routes.

Allow everyone to share the victory of new business. Users communicate in real-time from capture to close. Keep your lead-generators updated by allowing them to track the status of all their contributions right in the app – the beginning of a stronger team.

Reward & Engage your whole team. 

Show appreciate to your team, seamlessly. Trackable rewards show up in the app as deals close. Set targets and give bonuses to your top performers with incentives, contests and your own custom reward structure delivered in real-time.


Manage it all with our simple CRM, or integrate seamlessly with your own.

Measure and track sales online. We make lead capture, tracking and management for your sales team easier than it’s ever been. Already committed to a CRM? That’s okay! Wingmate seamlessly integrates so that leads from the field can go swiftly and directly into your CRM.

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