SITEX scraps pen & paper and boosts lead submission by 700%.

SITEX is the premier provider of uniform and linen services, mats, mops, custom apparel, promotional items, screen printing, embroidery, and restroom and hygiene services in Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee and Illinois.

Sitex’s Summary & Strategy 

Having a large route services team, Sitex wanted to take advantage of their frontline assets in the field and grow their sales. Implementing several Wingmate solutions, our Lead Generator and Simple CRM app were at the forefront of each SITEX route sending leads in quick time back to sales for follow-up. Wingmate’s solution is built around utilizing assets your company already possesses; by doing so, we keep costs low and fully optimize every function of your operation.

Results – SITEX

  • Multiple Closes.
  • Increased Employee Engagement.
  • RSRs could focus on their routes and sales efficiently.
  • Communication improved between RSRs & Sales.

“Before Wingmate, we had a route lead program, but it was paper-based, didn’t get utilized and was hard to track. After Wingmate, we now have a lead program that is 100% utilized. It’s simple to use, simple to track, and we’ve had over 300 leads come in across 26 routes in just 2 months.”

Chris Stratman

Director of Sales, SITEX Uniform


Actionable Leads


Conversion Rate


Employee Engagement (within 1-month)

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