NDC Mats deploys the Wingmate “trifecta” to get more leads, close them faster, and work better as a team.

National Dust Control Solutions (NDC) provides commercial mat services to businesses in New York City and New Jersey.

NDC’s Summary & Strategy

NDC was looking to build their internal leads generation without having to spend a fortune to get them. Our strategy going into this project was to deploy all 3 segments of our lead creator, including frontline intel, simple CRM, and sales managers from Wingmate’s provided pipeline management. Alignment across departments is critical to remain efficient and increase the effectiveness of sales tactics. Our incentive strategy within the Wingmate Frontline Lead Program rewards frontline operators for sending invaluable intel from the field, resulting in new sales revenue for a fraction of the cost. By implementing an incentivized lead program with your frontline staff (drivers, workers, technicians), we can drive organic lead generation through or Simple CRM application back to your in-house sales staff while enhancing transparency between both departments.

NDC’s Results

Wingmate helped them in multiple ways;

1) To make lead management and capture easier for their sales team through our Simple CRM.
2) To get more leads from our route team.
3) To help them qualify the leads coming in and work with their team to increase communication!

“When we decided to really focus on sales, I decided to bring Matt in to go over his app. I felt it could be a great tool for generating qualified leads, tracking our existing sales team and it worked…almost too well!”

Brian Stock

Vice President, NDC

Closed-Deals (2 Months)


Conversion Rate


Employee Engagement (2 Months)

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