Outsourced Sales Team

Need more sales without a new hire?

Close more deals using our Outsourced Sales Team. We help our clients qualify leads, set meetings & tee-up deals.

What does the perfect Outsourced Sales Team look like?

Our Pipeline Managers are trained sales experts at our Headquarters in Toronto, Canada that become an extension of your team. They learn your business, join weekly sales calls & save your closers time by setting up meetings. 

"It's like having an inside sales team at a fraction of the cost."

Elin Santos, Sales Manager, NDC Mats

Your all-in-one Inside Sales partner.

We pair you with a dedicated rep, who becomes an extension of your team. Learning and providing insights on the ins and outs of your business. Our Pipeline Managers help organize your sales funnel, develop transparent communication between departments, and follow-up with each lead from start to finish.

Our goal is to help ensure that Wingmate’s services grow your business to a level of optimization. Our reps monitor all leads sent in from your frontline, rank and sort, while also following up for more details and moving each lead along through your sales pipeline. Do more with less and watch our dedicated pipeline managers transition your leads to closed-deals. 

Qualify Leads & Set Appointments

We warm leads up for your sales team, gathering all the information you require.

Immediate Feedback & Communication

We provide instant feedback to your lead generators and team, while updating management – all through the CRM.

Follow-Up & Follow-Through

We follow-up on all your leads, while becoming a part of your team that works in unison. Our win is your win.


Low Risk & High-Impact

We get acquainted with your team immediately. By taking advantage of our pipeline management, your customer acquisition costs will drop considerably.

Consultative, Scalable & Built to Your Needs

Top Quality Skilled Reps

Every pipeline manager is hired full-time, working on location and trained on the top inside sales tactics. The same ones we use at Wingmate.

Unmatched experience. The best in appointment setting & lead qualification 

Forget about overseas organizations cold-calling your prospects. Our Pipeline Managers use the same prospecting strategies you use to grow your business organically. We pair you with a trained rep with previous experience selling to your prospects to ensure your company exceeds your sales expectations.

communicate with office staff after lead capture app submission
outsourced sales team for commercial service companies

A steady supply of qualified sales meetings.

All calls & intel are tracked in one platform to ensure nothing gets missed. Tag our reps on leads you want follow-up on, and we call immediately. 

Never a one-and-done. Most sales prospects require at least eight touch-points before they agree to a meeting. Our reps spend the time & energy calling each new opportunity until you either have the current contract expiry date or an appointment with their decision-maker. 

Knowledgeable & consultative staff for your sales team.

Our Pipeline Managers become an extension of your sales team. Forget about long call logs that almost always end in a hang-up. Our people meet with your team, exchange tips & receive sales scripts to best represent your company. All calls are recorded and logged for your review upon request.

outsourced sales team wingmate rep
outsourced sales

The entire prospecting process from start to finish with a human element.

Difference between an appointment setter and an inside sales representative?

Appointment setters act as a single piece in your process. They call and schedule. That’s it. 

When you use Wingmate’s PMs as your outsourced sales team, you’re adding a new member to your sales team without the cost of a new hire. Our reps aren’t just calling your leads as an assistant. We build rapport, introduce your offering & make sure to get something in the books. Not every lead will result in a booked meeting, but at least you’ll have information on their current contract, end dates & when to reach back out. 

Working in Wingmate’s Simple CRM – new contacts & leads will be updated in real-time while being tasked for the next steps, all in one platform. 

outsourced sales team makes for the best prospecting strategy

Let’s Work Together!

Reach out today, and we will show you live results of our Pipeline Managers in action – then you can decide on the best fit for you.