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Rasmussen Consultants Expirence With Wingmate

General Linen Expirence With Wingmate

The Wingmate success story at NDC.

Episode 1: Overpaying for your CRM?

Episode 2: Office or Mobile CRM?

Episode 3: Simple CRM comes with a simple price

Episode 4: Need help qualifying Leads?

Episode 5: Capture Leads in Seconds

Episode 6: Need to stay organized?

Episode 7: Give your drivers a voice!

Episode 8: World’s Best CRM?

Episode 9: Out Team the Competition

Episode 10: Trouble getting your CRM Set-Up?

Episode 11: Generic CRMs are still around? 

Episode 12: “Wait…I’m Wingmate?”

Why Wingmate?

Ultimate Tool for Waste Haulers

Take Flight

Capture Leads in 10-seconds

#1 Tool used by the Laundry Industry

Wingmate for Couriers

Give your Drivers a Voice

TRSA Showcase

Wingmate at ITRA – Denver 2021

The Wingmate Solution for Field Staff

Meet the Wingmate PMs!