ORCA Affiliate Program

Cash in on your contacts.

Signing up takes 5 seconds


Sign up below to become an ORCA Affiliate. You will earn up to $1,000 cash for every successful lead you submit.

Capture referrals in under 10 seconds.

Sending a referral is more straight forward than sending a text.  A photo, voice note or description with the address automatically included (geo-coded). Don’t need another app? Feel free to email all your referrals to [email protected]


What to send

  • Any prospect that is interested in ORCA service.
  • Include their name, number and title.
  • Earn $250-1000 cash sent to you for every successful sale.

*Powered by Wingmate

Money right into your bank account.

Earn trackable rewards that show up in the app and are emailed to you as deals close in real-time. Earn $250 – $1000 for every referral you send that results in new business.

Track all your leads.

Now you can communicate back in real-time with ORCA sales team and watch your referrals close from start to finish. The beginning of a strong, loyal and rewarding relationship.