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WasteFree Australia’s Sales Transformation with Wingmate: From Spreadsheets to Sales Powerhouse

WasteFree Australia provides environmental waste management services in New South Wales and Sydney, Australia.

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WasteFree Australia Summary & Strategy

WasteFree Australia provides environmental waste management services in New South Wales and Sydney, Australia.

The key reason the WasteFree team chose Wingmate was due to our simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

WasteFree had no CRM before Wingmate, Meaning no way of tracking sales opportunities.

With other teams having used other CRMs in the past, The WasteFree team realized how expensive, overcomplicated and underused Other CRM can be. Their current management of the sales process existed in notebooks and spreadsheets, Making it very easy to miss out on follow-ups and potential opportunities.

They wanted a tool that would effectively manage sales opportunities and drive revenue, not add another time-consuming task added to their day like many sales teams in other CRMs commonly experience.

Wingmate was the ideal CRM for WasteFree to create new opportunities and manage its sales pipeline. Wingmate simplified their sales process and helped them generate more leads and opportunities, Something they did not think was possible with other CRMs.

Wingmate’s reporting capabilities have not only increased adoption rates and sales KPIs but have also fostered a healthy and competitive environment within the WasteFree sales team. As a result, the team is now more motivated than ever to use the CRM and drive growth for the company.

Moreover, Wingmate’s analytics have proven immensely helpful from a management perspective. The reporting system is complex enough to provide senior management with detailed insights and user-friendly enough for the sales team to track their progress against current KPIs and sales performance.

With Wingmate, the WasteFree sales team has gained an unparalleled advantage in their sales and service region. The mobile and desktop dashboard has enabled them to capture leads effortlessly while on the go, resulting in over 1000 leads captured and 45 deals closed in just two months.

Wingmate’s powerful platform has transformed WasteFree into a sales powerhouse. Wingmate has also made the sales team’s lives easier, saving them precious time that can be used to focus on generating more business.

The success of WasteFree’s sales team is a testament to the game-changing capabilities of Wingmate. It’s no wonder that it’s become an indispensable tool for the team and the company as a whole.

“I specifically love the simplicity of the actual Wingmate system, Having previously used other CRM systems, which become very expensive and are often easy to overcomplicate to the point where it becomes a task rather than a tool”

Jessica Parodi

Sales Manager, WasteFree Australia

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