Topper Linen

Topper Linen uses Wingmate to improve route efficiency and revamp their “pen & paper method” to lead gen

Topper Linen is an independently owned linen and uniform service in Canada and has been around since 1956. Topper is committed to being the preferred linen and uniform rental company of Southern Ontario. To maximize efficiency and grow sales at a driver level, Topper implemented a Wingmate program. They managed to reach 100% driver engagement and almost a 31% conversion in 3 months.


Employee Engagement (within 1 month)

100% of employees sent leads within the first month of the program.



31% of leads sent closed successfully.

Over 125 closes this year

Over 125 closes this year


  • Up to 31% conversion rate
  • Over 125 closes in the past year
  • RSRs could focus on their routes and sales efficiently
  • Communication improved between teams
  • Full involvement from Management
  • 100% of staff actively sent leads within the first month.

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