Purolator Increases Sales by $4 mm over three years.

Purolator is Canada’s leading integrated freight and parcel solutions provider.

Purolator’s Summary & Strategy

Leading the freight and parcel industry, Purolator was looking to take advantage of internal and frontline assets. Using Wingmate’s Lead Generation Program, Purolator implemented an effective information delivery system from their frontline back to their sales staff using Wingmate’s app. Launching full force, Purolator included 200 of their couriers off the bat.

Our Strategy? Simple, we optimize your current operation by incentivizing your employees on the ground. Every company wants to increase revenue and sales. However, these goals often come with increasingly high costs and varied results. At Wingmate, we believe the best strategy is to start with your company’s core, from the frontline to your active sales staff. By implementing an incentivized lead program with your frontline staff (drivers, workers, technicians), we can drive organic lead generation through our easy-to-use platform back to your in-house sales staff while enhancing transparency between both departments, frontline, and sales. Strong communication yields greater team strength and the overall impact of aligned efforts.

Purolator’s Results

  • Clear communication between Couriers and Sales staff
  • Full utilization of staff in field
  • Increase in leads transitioned to closed deals through sales pipeline

“Wingmate is fantastic. The minute I put in the lead sales gets it instantly and acts on it. I think this is a great way to bring operations and sales together. In the 20 years I’ve been with Purolator this is the best program we’ve had.”

Mike S.

Courier, Purolator

Sales Revenue


Conversion Rate


Employee Engagement (Year 1)

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