Lead Generation App for Canada Fibers Ltd.

Wingmate helps urban waste grow new business revenue while making drivers happier 

Canada Fibers – Urban Waste Recycling provides customers with integrated environmental solutions.

Canada Fiber’s Summary & Strategy 

Wingmate (Previously GopherLeads) helps a leading Urban Waste Company, Canada Fibers, generate new business while also enhancing frontline culture across the board. With our Simple CRM application, users can track progress and see new leads from frontline staff immediately and take action. Alignment across departments is critical to remain efficient and increase the effectiveness of sales tactics. Our incentive strategy within the Wingmate Frontline Lead Program rewards frontline operators for sending invaluable intel from the field, resulting in new sales revenue for a fraction of the cost.

Canada Fiber’s Results (After 3 Months)


  • Higher Employee Engagement
  • Drivers and Salespeople Built Excellent Camaraderie
  • Strengthened Communication Across Whole Company
  • Increased Driver Satisfaction and Retention

“Wingmate brought us together as a company. Results have been amazing too – we’re closing at over double the industry average.”

Dawn Kerr

Senior Business Dev. Manager , Urban Waste Recycling

Sales Revenue

Qualified Leads Generated

New Deals Won

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