“We were lost in Salesforce, Wingmate solved all of our problems.”

Ace Image Wear is a lead custom uniform and service provider based out of Kansas City & Houston.Ā 

Ace Image Wear’sĀ Summary & Strategy

Ace Image Wear is a locally-family-owned company based in the MidWest, specializing in custom uniforms and supply. Ace was looking for ways to organize their sales strategies, find more leads, and grow their business organically. Initially with Salesforce, Ace was experiencing issues with their CRM being overbuilt and too complicated for their basic sales needs. After meeting with Wingmate, they made the switch over to our Simple CRM that provided a much greater fit to their operation. While integrating the new system, Ace decided to try out Wingmate’s Frontline Lead Program, and take advantage of their eyes & ears in the field to send back intel for their sales staff to pursue. Having already integrated 2/3 of Wingmate’s solution and finding great success, Ace decided to pull the trigger on our last solution, Inside Sales support from one of our PMs. Utilizing all of Winmgate’s solutions, Alex was able to close a big deal for Ace just days ago. We’re still in the beginning stages, but there is much more to come.

Ace Image Wear’s Results

  • 6 hours/rep per week – Time saved.
  • $5000 saved – the cost of a new hire.
  • A new deal, just days ago, as a result of utilizing Wingmate’s Inside Sales PM.
  • Hundreds of New leads from Frontline staff.

“Tremendous Success Story – Over the past couple of months, we’ve seen a huge increase in new appointments being set as a result of leads being sent in from our drivers. Wingmate’s PM, Alex, has done a tremendous job. This past week we closed a new deal as a result of an appointment he booked. We’re very happy with Wingmate’s Solutions.”

Brian Jaimes

Sales Manager, Ace Image Wear

Time-Saved (per rep/week)

Money-Saved (per month)

New Leads

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