Maximize sales, service & efficiency by simplifying communication from the field

Employees capture leads in 10 seconds with the address & picture included. No pen & paper just easy voice notes.

Intel comes in instantly and is organized and tracked in our CRM so sales/service can get to work in seconds.

Communication between departments allows teammates to share information and work together efficiently.

Motivate people with custom rewards and updates that show up in the app as leads progress.

Measure team performance, conversion, ROI and much more to gain valuable insights in real-time.

High Impact

Instead of pouring investment in something from the ground up. Let us maximize the power of people you already employ.

Customer & Employee Retention

A highly motivated team leads to better service and increases loyalty towards your organization across the board.

Tighter Teams

Build trust & efficiency between teams while allowing everyone to share the victory of growing the business.

Create multiple pipelines in our CRM. Whether it’s a sales lead or a service issue, leads are tracked, organized and actioned in real-time.


Sales Lead & Pipeline
Service Lead & Pipeline

Some companies spend thousands on traditional marketing while the strong ones effectively tap into the assets they already have – their people.

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“Before Wingmate, we had a route lead program, but it was paper based, didn’t get utilized and was hard to track. After Wingmate, we now have a lead program that is 100% utilized. It’s simple to use, simple to track, and we’ve had over 300 leads come in across 26 routes in just 2 months.”


– Chris Stratman, Director of Sales, SITEX Uniform