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CRMs are customer relationship managers—digital tools for mediating, capitalizing on and categorizing customer interactions in simple platforms. While the technology behind different CRMs will differ, the goal is the same—better visibility, communication, and productivity.

This type of software can be used by any business but is especially handy for those involved in B2B and B2C sales since gaining new clients will be the best source of revenue. A CRM can turn your existing customer database into a means of acquiring new customers for years to come.

CRMs were once only for managers, but recent technological advances have made them as at home on our phones as they were in the office. Today, we’ll be looking at two CRMs—Zoho and Wingmate—and seeing how they compare for field service businesses looking to grow.

Zoho vs. Wingmate

Zoho is a CRM platform that supports code-free customization. With a network of over 250,000 businesses, the Zoho platform mobilizes critical features that encourage customer communication and team collaboration. Automation is a large part of the platform, which can lead to problems compared to CRMs that facilitate lead generation since automation relies on a steady stream of leads.

Wingmate is a CRM application that encourages cross-collaboration between field and sales teams. Through intuitive pipelines, high visibility between departments, and tools for capturing lead data in the field, Wingmate offers a “more for less” solution that allows businesses to grow organically without adding complicated steps to the process.

Zoho vs wingmate

The Advantages of Implementing a CRM

As we touched on earlier, your motivation for adopting a CRM will likely be sales. But that being said, both managers and salespeople in the field service tech industry will have some considerations to make their lives easier and more profitable.

Managers are looking for:

  • A single platform to post goals and track progress.
  • Value-added features like message boards, internal communications, and an agile mobile application to go along with the platform.
  • Help in their day-to-day operations and process visibility, including systems that help them reward top performers.

Salespeople are typically looking for

  • A networking hub for their leads, prospects, and former clients.
  • A workflow that allows for interdepartmental visibility to track sales effectively and not over-prospect a single client.
  • Features that offer an edge in a highly digital environment—utilizing all the technology available on phones for fast lead capture.
Dynamic view of the lead capture app in action on the dashboard

What Growth Can You Expect From Wingmate Or Zoho?

With the use of a CRM, you can expect to move faster on leads, consolidate your sales efforts, and feel a greater sense of confidence and clarity in your internal operations.

The quality of your CRM is dictated by the quality of information you import, so assessing your CRM performance is a question of what the software was designed to do and whether or not you see the results.

What can you expect from either Wingmate or Zoho regarding their key features? It helps to go over them briefly.


  1. Seamless lead reporting from the field.
  2. Tracking customer reviews, interactions, and field reports.
  3. Outsourced sales team to help you grow with qualified leads.


  1. Automation of customer relations and acquisition.
  2. Platform customization.
  3. “Scripted” tools to take advantage of third-party apps.

Final Thoughts

At the time of writing, Capterra features Zoho as rated at a 4.3/5, with Wingmate at a 4.6/5.

Zoho is a tech-forward tool that can solve many problems through its customizable base for businesses comfortable with sales automation, process building, and coding. However, for people-driven companies interested in organic growth through communicative fieldwork teams, collaborative staff input, and scalable lead generation, Wingmate is a strong contender emphasizing doing more with less in an employee-driven environment.

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