What’s Field Service Management? It’s a good question. It’s something that every Field Service Business has to be paying attention to these days.


Field Service Management, or FSM, is the process of keeping track of all aspects of your field operation. From your drivers making deliveries to a technician visiting a site & all the sales, service, and prospecting activities involved in those tasks.


Let’s boil that down even more…Field Service Management is the process of seeing your entire operation from start to finish.   It’s the type of management process that tells you how well your field team delivers your service.


Why is Field Service Management so important today? Because every service company is faced with new competition, prices are getting higher, and your customers are expecting even better value / service.


I’ll admit, it can be challenging doing it all on your own. An important thing to keep in mind when considering how to implement this type of management system is to find one that makes your life easier, not harder. FSM Software is a great option. Finding one that meets the needs of your business can be challenging but can lead to making your life so much easier.


Creating a new growth strategy always sounds like a nightmare of a process. After working with a diverse client base, we’ve seen how long this process can be for many service companies. Larger firms may have to go with a large CRM platform across the organization, where others may have to hire consultants to transfer over all previous data for their new FSM.



Keys to consider when looking at FSM:

1. Ease of Use

First and foremost, will your team use it? If the system is too complicated, it’ll be a waste of time and won’t even be worth implementing.


2. Connecting your team & communication

Every modern FSM needs to be able to connect your entire team seamlessly. If the goal is to increase efficiency or drive new sales tactics, you can’t have a leak in your funnel where a part of your team is out of the loop.


3. Value and top-line revenue

Does the FSM increase your sales? Is your service more efficient? Of course, the outcome is one of the most important considerations. After all, why implement anything if it isn’t benefiting you?



At Wingmate, we have chosen to focus on all aspects of increasing your operation’s efficiency. Starting with your sales growth process, we have developed a strategy that has helped turn over 80 service companies into sales & efficiency titans with minimal risk. We believe that increased sales, better prospecting, and streamlined efficiency are vital to growing any business into an industry leader.


Using your field staff, including your reps, technicians, drivers, we have recognized the future of sales growth. The problem with any new system is that it usually comes with a considerable expense or a complicated onboarding process to integrate. And so, many businesses stay away and give push back. We countered that frustration with a system providing dramatic sales increase, greater service, and a vehicle for growth (and here’s the crazy part) NOT A SINGLE NEW HIRE.


Here’s 10 of our customers, from Small-medium-sized-businesses to multi-national Corps, backing up that statement.


Your Field staff are critical in growing your business. We know that whenever we’re talking about sales and mention drivers in the field, it sounds like a piece in the process is missing. Well… that piece is Wingmate.


Your sales team will never have to guess where the opportunities are with your field staff using our Mobile App to send in new leads and service issues. Our Simple CRM allows everyone at the office to track and organize all submitted intel, so you know exactly how each task is progressing. Your workforce will be efficient, and team communication between departments will never have been stronger.

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