The success of your company is largely dependent on your processes. No matter what your business is delivering, optimizing your sales process will provide many benefits. Wingmate has some ideas on how to do this. To start, you must use every advantage possible to generate quality leads. In order to convert these leads into revenue, they must be organized and nurtured accordingly. Fortunately, companies are now relying on new technology to organize and streamline their sales process. Generating leads, engaging them, and closing them can now be efficiently ordered and tracked in real time. Ideally, your sales process should advance smoothly to run in 4 stages.

1. Lead Generation

This is your foundation — where your seeds are planted. The more quality leads you generate the more business you will gain. Truly effective companies will harness all their resources effectively. On top of your traditional lead generation methods (paid advertisements, mail, and phone calls), sales managers must also focus on social media, promotions, trade shows, and possibly even past clients. More importantly, managers must think outside the box to revolutionize the way they generate leads and harness their frontline’s potential.

2. Engage Your Leads

Leads are futile until they are nurtured. As a sales manager, quality leads must be addressed and assigned promptly. For every lead you engage you are building a new relationship. While engaging the lead, a competent sales team should screen the client’s actual need/interest for the product and their ability to commit to a decision.

3. Convert Your Leads

This is where you consummate your business relationship with the respected lead. If the customer has been nurtured properly (delivered relevant information, answered promptly and sees value) you can now consider which accounts to open and how you will deliver your product or service. Continue to nurture the relationship by maintaining focus on how your product will benefit them.

4. Keep Your Clients

After you deliver your product or service, follow up! Forget using a mail piece like a letter, card or survey. Effective sales associates should keep the client impressed by calling them or meeting face to face if possible. This will increase your opportunity to solidify future business and acquire referral business. Continue to nurture your business relationship by following up. Keeping your client happy will allow you to keep your client — period.