Property & Construction Management

We work with property managers & builders to:

          • Help capture, track & organize deficiencies
          • Minimize fix/downtime while keeping records
          • Unlock the reporting capabilities of their workers and residents
          • Increase efficiency and community engagement
          • Foster communication and synergy between teams

Who’s Involved?

Wingmate allows different users to report issues and get them fixed faster.

  • Property Management, Foremen & Builders
  • Tenants & Residents
  • Supervisors & Maintenance staff

What’s delivered?

As a manager, you specify what you want captured.

  • Service Deficiencies/Property Issues
  • Safety Issues
  • Community Improvements
  • Service Feedback
  • Resident/Tenant complaints

Our mobile app allows users, in real-time, to:



  • Easily send issues in seconds (see what’s delivered section above)
  • A picture with the location is automatically geo-tagged & voice notes provide context by speaking into the app
  • Track and communicate on the status of their issue
  • Earn points for contributing to the community

Our intuitive dashboard allows managers to:


  • Manage issues (organize, assign and track)
  • Manage maintenance/service staff efficiently
  • Gain insights into property and project performance
  • Map issues
  • Integrate with other systems

Proven Success

Increase Quality & Service

Leverage the collective power of your people to save time, drive quality and efficiency.

Stronger Team & Community

Foster a stronger, more engaged environment that reports issues and communication between people.

Maximize Performance & Accountability

Issues are tracked, organized & actioned, instantly, with ease. Allowing you to save time, gain insights & provide a better service.

Want a solution that actually works in the real world?