Business & Enterprise

We work with service companies across the globe to:

          • Maximize the sales & service potential of their frontline employees & network
          • Increase efficiency, engagement and motivation
          • Foster communication and synergy between teams
          • Help them qualify their leads

Who’s Involved?

Wingmate bridges the gap between the field and the office through technology.

  • Sales & Operational Management
  • Frontline service team (drivers, routes, technicians, couriers, etc.)
  • Outside/Inside sales team
  • External Partners (optional with the affiliate program)
  • Qualifier & success manager (optional with the PM)

What’s delivered?

As a business, you specify what you want your users capturing.

  • Sales Leads
  • Up-sell Opportunities 
  • Referrals
  • Service Issues
  • Customer complaints
  • Safety Issues
  • HR Candidates (employee referral)

Our mobile app allows users, in real-time, to:



  • Easily send business intelligence in seconds (see what’s delivered section above)
  • A picture with the address is automatically geo-tagged & voice notes provide context by speaking into the app
  • Track and communicate on the status of their leads
  • Earn rewards and incentives
  • Learn exactly the type of intelligence your business needs

Our intuitive CRM allows users to instantly:


  • Manage leads (organize, assign and action)
  • Track sales & service team performance
  • Communicate between teams
  • Reward lead generators
  • Gain insights and analytics
  • Map leads & route density
  • Integrates with other CRMs

Success across several organizations

Purolator generates an ROI of over 20x

“Wingmate is fantastic. The minute I put in the lead sales gets it instantly and acts on it. I think this is a great way to bring operations and sales together. In the 20 years I’ve been with Purolator this is the best program we’ve had.”

Mike S., Courier, Purolator

Customer Stories

As a business, what more can you ask for?

Boost Sales

Find and close more deals. Leverage the collective power of your people to save you time and make you money.

Drive Engagement
 & Communication

Foster positive habits, incentives & retention. Grow closer, creating a stronger, more engaged workforce with a synergy between teams.

Maximize Service & Efficiency

Intel is tracked, organized & actioned, instantly, with ease. Allowing you to save time, gain insights & provide a better service.

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