Do you ever consider how sometimes the most minor changes can have the most significant impact? Many business operators think one-dimensionally when it comes to creating a profitable and productive operation. Keep costs low, earn a steady increase in revenue, and eventually start scaling up. Sound familiar? For the past 50 years in the business world, a common issue is built around an ideology, “If it ain’t broken, don’t fix fit.” However, it makes sense; but there’s a lot more to consider when it comes to sustainable growth and optimizing productivity. This article will outline ways to improve not only your profit but also create a more enjoyable and productive culture for your operation

Your field staff are the face of your business and a valuable resource. They see everything – hear all your customers’ requests, notice competitive intel and opportunities. However, in most companies, there is no effective way to capitalize on this highly valuable intel. Now there’s Wingmate – the #1 Lead Capture & prospecting Software for Field Service Sales.


The employee retention rate is falling drastically, customers are switching to new providers constantly, and the competition is improving. When decision-makers problem solve using a one-dimensional perspective, some straightforward and simple solutions can go overlooked.  Let us consider how to maximize engagement, communication, and profit by empowering your drivers and Field Service Sales. Consider these tips for your operation;

1. Give your Route Drivers a voice


Let’s think about your frontline operation for a second. It is built-up of on-route drivers, deliveries, technicians, routes, and 100 other titles under the sun. You need these reps and drivers to be on-time, engaged, and invested in growing your business. These operators are constantly under-appreciated and neglected when it comes to providing additional resources. Think about it for a second, these route drivers are always on the move every single day, they are passing by valuable intel in the field, they have the most facetime with your customers/clients, and they know your business as much as anyone. Turn these reps into a valuable lead generation asset and allow them to report intel from the field back to your sales team to follow-up on. Give them the ability to contribute and increase your Field Service Sales.


2. Incentivize your employees in the field – Mutually Beneficial Reward/ Incentive Program


Implement an Incentive program for your route drivers! Reward and empower them so they feel like they have a role in your business’s success. Make them feel like an owner! For instance, if you have a driver visiting over a hundred sites in a month, imagine if they were able to report back the same intel you pay your expensive sales reps to chase, or even simple upsell opportunities within current clients. Instead of your sales team looking for new business, their focus could be on closing it.

You’ll conquer two things; increases revenue for your business while reducing the high cost of a new sales hire, and also enhance the performance of other tasks route drivers are responsible for. For example, when speaking with a client or potential lead, they want to be helpful and accountable. It’s shifting away from this “Check-in and check-out mentality” and empowering these route drivers or employees in the fields to report back leads or intel. One of the most important psychological principles; positive reinforcement, where incentivizing and rewarding the desired behavior can change the culture across your business’s front line. Rewarding your staff for helping to grow your business gives them a sense of pride and contribution to the overall goal of your operation. This level of pride and recognition of their own self-worth drives higher performance on other tasks and also increases retention rates of your frontline. Their success is your success and it will create a culture of unity and teamwork that will ultimately spread throughout your organization.


3. Open lines of communication between your field staff and your sales team – get everyone on the same page!


If you are going to ask your route drivers for favors (especially sales leads), something traditionally outside of their mundane daily jobs. You need to prioritize communication and transparency on their contributions. Imagine one of your route drivers on a regular day; they’re constantly moving around and engaging with current and potential clients. Who would know better about the current climate of opportunities better than these reps? The only problem is, there’s no way to capitalize on these valuable opportunities if your sales reps aren’t given the intel in real-time. Give it to them and increase your field service sales! Feedback to the route drivers – immediate updates and progress reports from your sales team back to your route drivers in the field.

Key Take-Aways:


  • Your own sales reps will gain a tremendous advantage by adding these new sets of eyes in the field and receive frontline opportunities in real-time. No more wasting time guessing what’s out there.
  • Maximize your operation: Without alignment between sales and operations, or a way to track and record intel, you’re losing time and money.
  • Empower, give your frontline a voice, and open up lines of communication to change the culture from the ground up. Change every driver’s mindset in the field, increase awareness of potential opportunities while inspiring each individual to contribute.

To conclude, consider your current frontline structure with your route drivers. Are your drivers in the field incentivized to go above and beyond to help expand your business? Does your frontline communicate with your sales team? How transparent, tracked, and timely is their communication? In my opinion, it’s a mistake to invest in outside help or hire new salespeople to grow your business before you tap into the frontline assets you already have. 

You’ll be surprised how easy and effective these programs are to implement. Take Purolator, for instance; their route drivers in the field were able to deliver lead intel to their sales team and were responsible for an additional $2.5 million in revenue in year-1. Or RenoRun, who gained $500k in additional revenue in the first 6-months all from intel sent-in from their on-site personnel (Route Drivers). On the other hand, check out Waste Management, where their route drivers enhanced their entire frontline culture and had 71% engagement immediately after integrating Wingmate’s Lead Program.

Imagine how your organization could take advantage.  If you’re ever wondering how your company could benefit from Wingmate’s frontline Reporting App, check out some of our customer’s experiences. One simple change to your frontline route drivers involvement, could bring new productivity and revenue to your doorstep.

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