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Ready to check out two of the top tools for your outside sales reps? Yes, we’re talking about Telenotes and Wingmate. In the age of CRM (Customer Relation Management) tools, organizations need to pay attention to the fine-print stating and see which types of operations their tools were built for. In the case of these two, Telenotes and Wingmate were both created for commercial service companies that have staff in the field and are on the move. They built their tools around mobility, time-saved, and added value to outside sales reps.

Commercial Service companies are always looking to enhance & grow their sales in ways that make sense. Compared to other industries, facility services, HVAC, commercial laundry, waste management, and delivery service operatives have different selling tactics that yield results. For instance, commercial service companies typically grow their business through referrals and in-person conversations, rather than other companies that send emails and rely more on inside sales tactics. The most significant point made here is that in-person relationships and meetings are critical for successful selling. In order to maintain that level of success growing your customer base, your outside sales reps and field staff need to be equipped with the right tools.

What are Telenotes?

Telenotes has branded themselves as a virtual assistant CRM. Simply put, their application acts as a recording system for reps in the field to add voice notes and information regarding their customers that are then stored in their system. Think of Telenotes and an audio note taker! For example, you or one of your reps is visiting a new business, and you leave after your meeting but need to record details. You’d pull out your Telenotes application and leave a voice note.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

The only problem that comes to mind is that your selling process consists of so many other details and processes that a simple note-taker won’t get the job done. In the modern age of tools, sellers want to be able to visually capture important details, have details automated (such as location), and track their own progress. Even digital notes can get messy if they aren’t part of an organized system that helps your sales team move each prospect through your sales pipeline.

However, a note-taking tool is valuable if that’s all you need. If you just require a simple note-taker and that’s it, keep it simple!

What’s Wingmate?

Wingmate on the other hand manages your entire selling process. Comprised of a mobile and desktop CRM, Wingmate captures, tracks, and organizes everything from the time you see a new opportunity until an invoice is signed.

To be clear, I know whenever someone says CRM, you immediately tune-out due to your frustration with other overbuilt CRM tools. But when it comes to Wingmate, we were built for commercial service companies. We are the perfect in-between from messy spreadsheets and overbuilt/complicated CRMs.

We built our system around the needs of our clients. Every new change in our development has been made based on what our clients (especially salespeople) are saying they need. We removed the pointless data entry, the overbuilt field, and created a simple, but powerful CRM system that is loved by over 300 commercial service providers in North America.

Best CRM for Outside Sales Reps?

When it comes to a CRM for outside sales reps, mobility is your first priority. Reps can be taking writing down notes and then transfer them when they get back to the office. They need something quick, simple, and organized. On top of that, they need to share information with the rest of their team, in order to enhance their teamwork and analyze their strengths. Not to mention, they need to keep track of all prospects;


1. Where each new opportunity is in their sales pipeline

2. Their prospect’s needs

3. Their location

4. Next steps

5. Visuals

6. Reminders

7. And the list goes on and on

Telenotes is able to provide the first and most important aspect of a CRM for outside sales reps – Mobility, but after that, what happens?

As many commercial service leaders know, none of these meetings are 1-and-done! You need to have all opportunities organized, tracked, and followed up on in a timely manner.

The next most important aspect of the best CRM is Speed. Reps need to capture info in seconds, not minutes. In a perfect world, reps should have all the time in the world to capture details and record voice notes, but realistically, there’s a short time frame before their on to their next meeting.

Wingmate gives your outside sales reps the ability to snap a picture of a new business, select who the lead should be sent to, add a voice note/written description while being automatically geotagged and organized within a matter of 10-seconds!

Simply put, Wingmate has the same capabilities as a virtual assistant like Telenotes.. and then some. We recognized what details are most important and built this system to be the ultimate tool for outside sales reps.

In-Field Service Staff

Earn rewards for valuable intel you come across daily, with real-time updates & 2-way communication.


Track, update & sell on the move. Ditch the busy work you hate. Plus, have your meetings booked for you.


Do more with less. Connect your team & give them the practical tools they need to dominate the competition.

What do Sales Reps Hate about CRMs?

The biggest pain we’ve found after speaking to our customers is the waste of time they’ve spent in other CRMs. Too many other CRMs require hours every day, inputting data, updating prospects, and adding reminders. It’s ridiculous!

Unfortunately, we’ve seen a lot of sales reps turn their backs on CRMs. They can’t even hear the word without wincing.

A CRM is supposed to make salespeople’s lives easier, keep them organized, and save them time. Wingmate is often referred to as the ‘CRM Rebels’, as we’ve taken these broken systems, removed unneeded portions, and kept what salespeople love about CRMs.

What Sales Growth can you Expect?


When it comes to Wingmate, we’ve seen our client’s grow their sales dramatically right off the bat. Using our Mobile CRM to capture leads, commercial service companies are able to make everyone in the field an extension of their sales team without any new hires. In combination with the desktop counterpart of our Simple CRM, salespeople at the office can act immediately on new information from the field and update their outside reps on their progress in real-time.

Lastly, with Wingmate’s Inside Sales Support team, our clients are able to give their sales team time back instead of cold-calling and pursuing new leads. Our pipeline managers email, cold-call, and set meetings on your behalf. Thus, letting your top salespeople concentrate on closing deals and up-selling your services.

With all 3 of Wingmate’s solutions, commercial service companies are able to complete the entire prospecting process from A to B to C without a single new hire. Keep in mind, the second you see an opportunity, Wingmate’s solutions are able to take that sighting all the way to a meeting book in a matter of minutes.

See our Client’s Success Stories here.

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Key Features:


Mobile CRM

Mobile CRMs are the new wave of technology for salespeople. The days of sitting at a desk all day may be possible for some companies in other industries, but when it comes to commercial service providers, it’s just not enough. Salespeople need to be on the move at times and provide facetime to their clients/prospects.

Key mobile CRMs, like Wingmate, are the perfect bridge between sales at the office and personal sales in the field. Wingmate’s Simple CRM exists to connect the digital/analytical side of technology with the human element. We’ve seen companies go too far on either side and miss key opportunities that can be the missing piece to their exponential growth.

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