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A career in technical sales involves working closely with technical and scientific products. Having a passion for those products is an important part of the role, but it also requires a variety of other skills to ensure that the ultimate business goal is achieved.

What is a Technical Sales Rep?

A technical sales representative is a sales professional who specializes in selling technology-based or scientific products and services. They tend to have an in-depth understanding of the products they sell, and that includes the scientific principles behind them and how they work. This enables them to properly explain everything about the product or services to customers in detail. 

Technical Sales Reps can work in a variety of industries, such as telecommunications, biology, manufacturing, computer and software technology, and more. They usually specialize in a certain type of product or service within these industries.

What Does a Technical Sales Rep Do?

A technical sales rep is responsible for marketing technological and scientific products or services to prospective customers. They achieve that through the following methods: 

    • Make use of their knowledge of the product to explain complex and technical concepts to customers.
    • Analyze customer needs to better suggest products or services that are relevant to them.¬†
    • Build long-lasting relationships with prospective customers by regularly keeping in contact with them.
    • Perform demonstrations of technical products to persuade the target audience to make a purchase.
    • Work as a part of a sales team to close deals, oversee product installations, or take care of different parts of the sales process when necessary.¬†
    • Set and meet sales targets, goals, and quotas in the given time period.
    • Use sales techniques such as storytelling or communications skills to persuade a prospect to make a purchase.
    • Research and stay up to date with current industry trends.¬†
What Does a Technical Sales Rep Do?

How Much Does a Technical Sales Rep Earn?

A technical sales rep is usually compensated based on performance. They can be paid a straight salary along with commissions or bonuses based on sales performance. The average salary of technical sales reps depends on various factors such as level of seniority or experience, location, and education. 


According to Glassdoor, the estimated salary for an entry-level position in the US is $93,689 per year, the average being $69,090 per year. The estimated salary for bonuses, commissions, tips and profit sharing is $24,599 per year.  


The estimated salary for a technical sales rep with 4-6 years of experience is $98,582 per year, with an average salary of $71,182 per year. Additional payments such as commissions, bonuses, tips, and profit sharing are estimated at 27,400 per year.


Glassdoor estimates the senior-level salary for a technical sales rep to be $107,833 per year in the United States, with an average salary of $77,631. The additional payment, which includes cash bonuses, tips, commissions, and profit sharing is estimated at $30,202 per year.

What are the Best Skills a Technical Sales Rep Should Have?

Here are a few skills that a technical sales representative needs to have to perform their role effectively. 

Business Development 

When growing your business, technical sales representatives continuously identify prospective customers and follow up on opportunities. When in contact with prospects, they provide them with technical support on existing products. They also build brand awareness, and stimulate sales and prospective new business development opportunities. 

Sales Management  

Technical sales representatives are responsible for the whole sales process, from prospecting to providing solutions. They need to optimize the sales process by using the insights of prospects’ buying history and use those insights to determine when customers are due for a check-in or an upgrade. They need to make use of problem-solving skills to resolve any roadblocks. They need to set goals and formulate strategies to achieve those goals to increase sales revenue and profitability.    


Communication is a necessary part of a technical sales representative’s daily work. They need to be able to clearly communicate and explain the product or service to customers. They also have to actively listen to customers to better understand their needs and recommend the product that fits them. It is also important for technical sales reps to regularly contact and communicate with customers to maintain and further develop new customer relationships. 

Product Knowledge 

Technical sales representatives are experts in the products and services they sell. They develop this essential skill through training and education. It allows them to present the product effectively and persuasively to prospective customers. They can also properly explain the product to lessen the complexity and make recommendations that meet the customer’s needs. Customers are more likely to trust a sales representative that speaks confidently and passionately about what they are selling.

Sales Support and Rapport Building 

Technical sales representatives need to be able to use interpersonal skills such as active listening, patience, dependability and teamwork in order to build trust with prospective customers. That will allow for a relationship to be built between your technical sales reps and prospective customers, which will ultimately increase conversion rates. 

To maintain those relationships, technical sales reps need to offer customer service support that helps them use their technology to its fullest potential to ensure that customers are happy and loyal to your product. 

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Technical sales reps require a strong knowledge and understanding of an otherwise complex product or service. Possessing this knowledge will help build confidence in what you’re selling, which will drive product sales. To be a successful sales rep, you need to have the necessary education surrounding the product. You also need the skills that it takes to build and maintain customer relationships, solve problems, effectively communicate, and close deals.

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