Pipeline Manager

Need sales resources? We can help you out.

An influx of leads can be intimidating for any company. Keep your closers closing with a dedicated Pipeline Manager to qualify all your leads as they come in. Our reps are highly trained and situated here at our Toronto headquarters. Get a skilled sales rep on your side at a fraction of the cost of making a new hire.  

Qualify Leads

Reps will work leads as soon as they come in - get all the information needed and schedule an appointment for you. Free up time for your salespeople to do what they should be doing - closing.

Immediate Feedback

Our pipeline manager will provide instant feedback to your lead generators, so the program never fizzles out. The quick response will keep your frontline motivated to send more.

Frontline Liaison

Personally reach out and keep everyone on your program engaged. Run contests, crush the bottlenecks and support anywhere it is needed to maximize success.

Immediate feedback to your frontline and warmer leads. Now all you need is the network – we handle the rest.