Grow smarter with the world’s Simple CRM

Excel spreadsheets not cutting it? Or sick of the overbuilt & under-utilized CRM? Wingmate made it our mission to create a CRM you will actually enjoy using. Our lead management dashboard creates unprecedented simplicity, organization and oversight. Track & route information down to the minute. Not only that, but it’s easy to communicate between teams, set reminders, search and capture leads on the go, and much more. Now your team can get to work in seconds. Need sales resources? We can help with that too.

Capture prospects in seconds

A picture with the address is automatically geo-tagged, and voice notes provide context by speaking into the app. Now leads can be captured and tracked on the go in under 10-seconds. Information captured using our mobile app is sent instantly back to the CRM.

Reminders & Engagement

Keep everyone engaged with notifications, reminders and engagement at all the right touchpoints.

Reports & Analytics

Measure things like team performance, conversion, ROI and much more to gain valuable insights in real-time.

Rewards & Payout Tracking

Create a custom reward structure at each stage of the sales cycle. Now you can reward people for contributing information to your CRM.

Instant Communication

Real-time communication between departments allows teammates to share information and work together efficiently.

Lead Management

Manage your information effectively. Assign, action and track all your leads with reminders and task management.

Easy Export & Integrations

Export the data you need into a clean spreadsheet at the click of a button. Also, need integration? We can help.

Sales Lead Pipeline
Service Deficiency Pipeline

Build pipelines unique to your organization

Whether it’s service issues, sales leads or an affiliate partner program, Wingmate is a customizable and diverse solution.

Intuitive & never overbuilt – see why we are loved by sales & service