Drive referrals through your own network

Seamlessly tap into your customers, partners, distributors and other affiliates for referrals. Wingmate will allow you to build and formalize a customer referral program with your external network. We make it easy for you to rely on our solution to motivate, reward and keep your lead generators up-to-date on their contributions. Now you can start building an army of loyal partners that will be rewarded and updated for sending referrals right to your doorstep.

How it works

1. Custom landing page

We build a web page where your referral network can sign up. Start with your existing customers and turn them into partners.

2. Quick onboard

The app is easy to use, but your partners can submit referrals through multiple channels. We take them through a quick & straightforward onboarding as a lead generator for your business.

3. New referrals

Watch as your partner program expands. Your loyal referral network sends referrals and, we keep them incentivized & up to date on the progress.

Wingmate Partner Programs

Case Studies

Harvard Case Study

Harvard Case Study Top 5 Programs Top 5 Programs

More business referrals & stronger customer loyalty

High Impact

Referrals are the best type of business. Tap into your existing network overnight and show them how they can deliver.

Customer Loyalty & Retention

Empower your customers to help grow revenue while increasing loyalty towards your organization.

Communication & Incentive

Provide meaningful feedback, incentives, 2-way communication & progress updates on every referral.

Crowdsource warm referrals by building a strong partner program