Small Business CRM Software

Goodbye, messy spreadsheets & overbuilt CRMs.

A simple yet powerful CRM for commercial service businesses. Perfect for users that hate overbuilt CRMs & need to leave the messy spreadsheets.

Keep your team focused on selling…not data entry.  

Instantly visualize your entire pipeline in our drag & drop dashboard.

Track, manage and organize your lead pipelines. Whether you’re tracking sales deals or anything else, Wingmate delivers intuitive dashboards that your team will love. 

Report opportunities on the go, in seconds.

How many times do you pass a potential lead? With our easy lead capture, prospects can be snapped & tracked on the go. Never miss a lead again – information is sent instantly to the Simple CRM.

Picture / Video
Voice Notes

Simple CRM minus the busy work.

View your information effectively. Assign and update details on all your leads. Track things like reminders, contract end dates, proposals and know all history down to the minute. 

Lead mapping for teams on the go.

It all starts with finding the people who want to be found. Our satellite and map integration pins all your leads for you and displays the surrounding businesses as well. With geofencing and colour coding, you can find and export prospects in your area that you’d like to target for the day and even measure density.

What gets measured gets done.

We inspire team communication – big time. Tag team members and get the full picture on a lead. Track calls, emails and reminders. Add appointments directly into your Google or Outlook calendar from the app.

Other Features

Easy search & export

Find what you’re looking for and export leads to CSV in seconds.

REPORTING & Insights

Measure and oversee results, revealing winning patterns and bottlenecks for your team to overcome.

integrate seamlessly

Wingmate can easily integrate into over 2000 systems.

File Attachments

Attach proposals, PDFs or all other files needed to leads.

Lead Health & Probability

View the leads your team is working, and see which need extra attention at a bird’s eye view. 

Customized to you

Customize and build pipelines around the information you want to track.

Wingmate CRM with Analytics

Organization, analytics, prospecting and customer service in our award-winning platform.

Wingmate Simple CRM is by far one of the easiest sales tools, not just CRMs, to use. Ensure that your entire sales & service tasks are up-to-date & actioned by your teams responsible. Our platform is the best CRM on the market for any commercial service business with people in the field.

How do you keep track of customers & jobs?

Our Simple CRM is available on both desktop and mobile devices. All details regarding your customers & prospects can be updated with a quick click in the palm of your hand. Your team can share progress reports, customer requests, and job completion status while on the move & in the field. Your time-consuming tasks in your sales process will be removed from your daily life, while sales & operations are connected like never before.

Wingmate Lead capture App and dashboard for simple crm and prospecting
simple crm vs mr generic image

Call us the CRM Rebels because we only included the features your sales team actually needs to be successful.

We’re known in the tech world as the ‘CRM Rebels’. We know how much sales teams and managers hate spending half of each day glued to their CRM & inputting info. Instead, we only included aspects of the traditional CRM that actually make your team more organized & successful – without meaningless field inputs. We believe that actually meeting with your prospects and being on the move is absolutely essential to gaining new contracts. In order to make that efficient, we created our mobile CRM solution to keep your entire team on the same page, while enabling your manager to see your progress in real-time. Simply snap a photo, add a voice note, and your manager at the office can assign the accurate counterpart to move the lead through your sales pipeline. All progress, deal stage, decision-maker, and contract end dates are inputted immediately through our mobile CRM.


Increase productivity, efficiency and timeliness.

Get oversight into your team and measure potential bottlenecks.

Generate more leads and close more deals, faster.

Better communication, more accountability and higher engagement, all tracked in real-time.

Simple to use, cost effective and customized to you.

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