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In essence, a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system gives your company a centralized area to store prospect and client data, track customer relations, and share information with colleagues. It allows organizations to manage client relationships, allowing them to grow their business. A Field Service Management System (FSM) is a tool for streamlining and managing company processes that take place outside of the office, in the “field.” Service orders, dispatch agents, job status, and vehicle positions can all be tracked using an FSM system.

Small and large organizations alike utilize CRMs and FSMs to maintain track of their field personnel and client interactions.

What Is ServiceNow?

ServiceNow is a cloud-based firm that offers technical management software as a service (SaaS) and FSM software. The company specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM), and IT business management (ITBM), and offers a number of apps and plugins to help users manage projects, teams, and client interactions. It helps small and midsize service organizations manage field workers, expand business operations, and provide customer support. It can also assist small home services firms in organizing their complete operations, from work scheduling and staff management to invoicing and payment collection.

What is Wingmate?

Wingmate is a CRM and FSM tool that offers comprehensive client relationship management as well as field service management. Their Lead Capture App makes it simple for your field workers to capture valuable information they come across while out in the field, and their simple, powerful CRM is the perfect tool for those of you who are tired of spreadsheets and overbuilt CRM software.

Dynamic view of the lead capture app in action on the dashboard

What Do Managers Look For In A CRM/Field Service Tech?


Manager v salespeople

What Growth Can You Expect From Wingmate or ServiceNow?


  1. 24/7 Live Phone Support
  2. Mobile app for field service workers
  3. Simple CRM and Lead Tracking


  1. Virtual Agent
  2. Self-Service Portal
  3. On-Suite Ticketing Tools


Final Thoughts

It can be difficult to tell which CRM or FSM system is best for your company because there are so many to select from. With Wingmate, we make CRM, lead capture, lead generation, and field service management so simple that anyone can use it. Our 4.6-star rating on Google Reviews, compared to ServiceNow’s 4.0-star rating, should assist you in making a better informed decision.


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