Sell More By Engaging Your Frontline

Sell More By Engaging Your Frontline

“Amazon attributes up to 35% of its revenue to cross-selling”- Forbes

We are excited to see how some of our customers are adopting
Wingmate in very targeted ways.
The platform’s core purpose is to find new business. However, many of our clients have also been using Wingmate to cross-sell and upsell to existing customers– a fundamental business principle that Wingmate can help you tap into, massively boosting your bottom line.

Upselling is when a business provides a proposal that drives a customer to buy a greater amount of the service. Cross-selling is the act of encouraging a customer to add extra products or services to their account.

Here are two actual customer use cases from clients in the Commercial Waste industry. To protect our clients’ identities, we have changed their names below.

Tom, a refuse truck operator, is servicing an 8-yard front end bin for garbage but notices most of the bin is full of cardboard, also known as OCC (old corrugated cardboard). Tom knows that the customer can benefit from separating OCC from their general waste. He instantly spots the opportunity to offer this customer another front end bin for OCC collection – a great cross-sell opportunity for his company. He simply snaps a quick picture of this opportunity using the Wingmate app. The lead is automatically geocoded for an address, Tom taps the microphone icon on the app to attach a quick descriptive voice note, and then taps send. Instantly, his frontline intelligence is transferred to the sales team for action.

A second use case that we want to highlight is with ABC Waste Co. They wanted to target customers who have overfilled their bins. Overfull bins cause problems for both the ABC Waste Co. and their customers. Overfull bins spill over when they are dumped leaving a mess and are typically heavier which lowers account profitability for ABC Waste Co. Now they have been running a campaign using Wingmate to let drivers send real-time pictures of problem accounts to their inside sales team. This is translating into great up-sell opportunities. ABC Waste Co. can now provide these customers with larger bins or increased pick up frequency.

Companies that effectively promote cross-selling and upselling from their frontline follows three simple rules:

be specific and targeted in your messaging to frontline employees. Tell them clearly what to look out for. In the case of the first company it was “look for garbage bins that have lots of OCC in them”. In the second case, it was “look for overflowing waste bins.” In both cases, the messaging was very clear and concise.

Secondly, give them the tools to effectively capture business opportunities. The Wingmate app interface offers simplicity and versatility making it perfect for your frontline employees. Once they are on the app, we engage them through a simple interface, where capturing a lead is as easy as taking a photo. 

Finally, tell them what’s in it for them. The power behind our lead generation engine relies on telling your frontline what’s in it for them. Employees are not only shown what to look for and given the proper tools, they are also engaged and rewarded with cash bonuses through the Wingmate app. Positive reinforcement is integral in your pursuit to sell more from the frontline.

Wingmate manages your whole campaign. We communicate your campaign goals to frontline employees and then reward them for capturing the intelligence that only they can spot.

Wingmate is great for acquiring new business, but also a very powerful upsell and cross-sell tool that every company should equip their frontline with. Now there is an incredible new way to sell more by engaging your frontline.