How do you know that you’re on the right track for success, and how do you know which path to take? When it comes to growing your business, you have to consider how others found their way (lead capture app) and is it the right fit for you.

Scaling your business is always tricky. I always find the best method for deciding your next move is to look at your business, your assets, and your staff. What do you have that no one else does?

Working with different companies, I’ve noticed that they can get caught in old habits. “Don’t switch something up that’s worked for years!”

Sometimes a slight change, like a light in the dark sky, can make it possible to see what’s been right beside you all along and was missed. 

The days of pen-to-paper and rough quotes on napkins are over. Switch to a lead capture app

Lead capturing (new business opportunities) has traditionally been recorded using pen and paper. You have a driver in the field; they see something valuable and make a quick note on a scrap sheet. Easy right? 

But how often is that sheet and the meaning behind it lost? Literally and figuratively. How many times has that piece of paper been tossed on a desk and forgotten about? After a while, your drivers in the field won’t bother because it feels like time wasted. They don’t know when or if that note was acted on. 

Imagine if that note was never lost, it was filed, organized, acted on, tracked, and results were sent back to that driver with a lead capture app. Motivating him to repeat more and more every next day. Now that’s scaling. 

Of course, with every new solution, a new problem finds its way: the garbage-in & garbage-out phenomenon. When you start compiling lots of new information and intel, some not-so-valuable piece slips in, and now you’re stuck trying to find a way to filter through all of it. In the end, you’re over it. 

Since I’ve gotten your attention, I may as well just come out and give you the solution to all of this. 

There is a way to capture all intel your drivers witnessed in the field, organize it, track it while also filtering out junk and making everyone’s lives easier.

A Simple Lead Capture App – added to all devices that enable your drivers to snap a picture of the intel, add a voice note, automatically geotagged, and sent instantly back to your team at the office. Reports are updated, organized in one place, and your drivers in the field know exactly what’s going on the whole time.

Optimize your team in the field. Scale your leads through capture. Sell more… Oh yeah, and grow your business without a single new hire.

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