Earn cash and prizes for referring your friends, family or any potential customer

Wingmate is an app that lets you earn $10 cash for every successful Rogers referral you send.

Signing up takes 5 seconds.


1. Fill out the form on the left.

2. Download the Wingmate app.

3. Wait up to 24 hours for us to make your account. You will receive your login info via text or email.

4. Log in and start earning cash for your referrals!


Leads that are closed as Validated Sale will receive a referral commission payment. Please send leads for connected home. 

Wingmate is an official Rogers Authorized Partner. 

Capture referrals in under 10 seconds.

Sending a referral is more straight forward than sending a text.  A photo, voice note or description with the address automatically included (geo-coded).


What to send

  • Friends, family or any prospect that is interested in service.
  • Include their name, number and the service they are interested in.
  • Earn $10 cash e-transferred to you for every successful sale.
  • When sending a lead please make sure prospect has given consent for Rogers to reach out.

Money right into your bank account.

Earn trackable rewards that show up in the app as deals close in real-time. Earn $10 for every referral you send that results in new business for Rogers. We will e-transfer your total balance in the app right into your bank account. We also run contests where you can win even larger prizes.

Track all your leads.

Now you can communicate back in real-time with Rogers sales team and watch your referrals close from start to finish. The beginning of a strong, loyal and rewarding relationship.

Start Earning Cash for your Referrals Today!