Forest Coatings

Wingmate Helps Forest Coatings Build an Army of Lead Generators In Their Network

Forest Coatings is a leading distributor and applicator of waterproofing products and decorative coatings. Forest Coatings needed a way to increase their funnel with fresh relevant leads. However, executives were very busy and did not have time to locate businesses that required their specific service. Gopher Leads enabled them to get new leads every day by licensing a small team of Wingmate’s to capture relevant business opportunities around the city. Top management was now able to log into the web platform and see the plethora of leads submitted and geo-tagged from across the city. Not only this but Forest Coatings was now able to reward friends and family for finding new business in a formal, organized, and engaging manner.


  • Big Business found: A lead submitted by one of our Gophers resulted in a massive contract client for Forest Coatings.
  • Top executives were now able to approve and close solid leads from their desk.
  • Created a solid network of “Wingmates” to locate new relevant business keeping their sales funnel full.