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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a type of software that focuses on developing and optimizing a company’s interactions with its customers or prospects. A CRM is composed of a set of systems that makes it customizable to meet the necessary functions for teams. A CRM is a tool usually used in customer support, sales analysis, marketing campaign management, and sales force management. Customer relationship management tools were first created in 1980 with the appearance of informatics. They then evolved through the years with the creation of the internet until our day and age, where they are still growing.

What is Pipeliner?

Pipeliner describes themselves as having a “unique visual interface, no-code workflow automation engine, and instant, dynamic insights and reporting”. It supports the professional development of salespeople by providing sales-related content.

What is Wingmate?

Wingmate is a simple yet powerful CRM for commercial services businesses that keep them focused on closing deals instead of data entry. It allows you to have better visibility on your entire pipeline and make more space in your schedule. Wingmate is also a management tool that helps capture and manage opportunities on the go right from your mobile device anywhere you are.

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What Makes Customer Relationship Management Essential?

Managers who use a CRM are typically seeking a simple approach to track and improve their activities. The CRM usually displays a dashboard that contains a variety of facts and information about the customer connection as well as the current state of activity. It helps you to keep a continual check on your activities and rapidly transfer information between departments. You will be able to change the activity and the measures to be put in place in real-time to respond to the consumers’ requests as quickly as possible.


Additionally, an advantage of employing a CRM is that it allows for improved opportunity identification. Marketing and sales efforts are built on a foundation of customer information. The many departments in charge of client relations can more easily analyze needs and uncover opportunities, thanks to the massive amounts of data acquired in the CRM. This client knowledge and awareness is an indisputable asset when it comes to modifying production and marketing and capturing new markets.

Features Managers Should Prioritize in Their CRM SolutionFeatures Managers Should Prioritize in Their CRM Solution

BusinessNewsDaily shows us the most important feature to focus on when comparing CRM platforms is workflow automation. Automation features streamline sales tasks such as inventory control, order processing and tracking. In particular, you want to find a solution that allows for your own custom rules to help your team become more efficient.

 That brings us to the second most important feature which is customization. You want to ensure the data that shows on your dashboard is relevant and necessary. Every organization values customer data differently. Initiating a new CRM platform is the perfect time to start prioritizing your information, so the team can settle in and become proactive quickly. 

Third-party integration is the third essential feature to consider when comparing CRM systems. Connecting your software to solutions you already have in place can save your organization plenty of money, and your team will save time being able to hit the ground running. 

Comparing Key Features between Pipeliner and Wingmate

The following are features that users have selected as their favorite features, from third-party review sites including and


      1. TRACKING & GROWTH:The tracking features are amazing. I would recommend this to any company looking to build organic growth.”
      2. CUSTOMIZATION: This improves efficiency, for example, “contact management, lead generation/mapping, and analytics and reporting” are tailored to your needs. An additional user commented, It is possible to easily create sales simulations since Wingmate is not industry-specific at all.
      3. INTEGRATION: “Wingmate has engaged the field staff, by showing them the mechanisms that suit the customers, from the communications processes, the contact controls methods and other CRM tools. Further, the customer mapping and profiling have been enhanced by Wingmate, with advanced analytical options. The lead generation and relationship molding have been enhanced by Wingmate, making the company more solid and preferred.”


    1. A COLORFUL INTERFACE: “I love Pipeliner’s colorful and highly visual user interface, I love the ease of navigation, high-end functionality, and unique features”.
    2. EASE OF USE: “I love it mostly because it’s easy to use, and its quality is unquantifiable.”
    3. ORGANIZATION: “Pipeliner CRM has helped me to streamline my sales process, centralize my data, and better manage my accounts”.

Final Thoughts

The purpose of a CRM is to keep you organized while maximizing efficiency. Both Pipeliner and Wingmate are great tools that help you optimize your marketing and sales processes. When comparing features of CRM platforms like this, it’s important to focus on your current needs, as well as the potential growth that will come with your company. You want a system that will remain relevant as your team and/or products expand. With that in mind, Wingmate is much more likely to provide you with all the functionalities of a powerful CRM with the customization and efficiency your team needs as well as on-field features.

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