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Effective CRM Software Doesn’t Have to be Complex – Here’s Why

According to Oracle, customer relationship management (CRM) software helps organizations better understand their client base, leading to more effective messaging and improved decision-making. CRM software compiles and stores customer data, including demographic information, purchase history, and previous interactions. This information allows marketers and other decision-makers to get a real-time view of one or many customers, enabling organizations to convert more sales opportunities, retain consumers, and provide better customer service.

Due to its apparent power, the opportunity cost of choosing subpar CRM software is immense. Below is a side-by-side comparison of two CRM providers, as well as an adjudication on which is the right one for your business.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s marketing, sales, and customer relationship management service offering. According to Microsoft, this software uses customer, marketing, and sales data to identify potential opportunities, augment decision-making, and optimize workflows. The other purported benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 include increased pipeline velocity and artificial intelligence (AI) functionalities to improve customer services and gain additional insights.

Microsoft Dynamics alternative


Wingmate is a no-nonsense, effective CRM that helps businesses to concentrate on their core activities without sacrificing customer interactions, sales leads, and pipeline optimization. Due to its minimalist design, Wingmate avoids having an unnecessary and cumbersome user interface like other CRMs. When used in conjunction with Wingmate’s Lead Capture App and outsourced sales team, client relationship management is made simpler while retaining its prowess.Ā 

Wingmate also enjoys recognition for its one-of-a-kind software, having been awarded Capterra’s Best Ease of Use (2020), GetApp’s Category Leaders (2021), and Software Advice’s Front Runners (2022).

Wingmate Is a Winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for All Businesses

Wingmate is solely focused on providing businesses with a seamless and intuitive solution to customer relationship management. While Microsoft enjoys scale and reputation that is second to none, its Dynamics 365 package is not its core business. As such, with Wingmate, you can be assured that CRM is its lifeblood and passion.

With an intuitive drag-and-drop dashboard, Wingmate’s user interface is easy to master and ensures that you’re not wasting time familiarizing yourself with something immensely complex.Ā 

Wingmate boasts integration with over 4,000 different software and technologies, meaning that your business can quickly adopt it. Wingmate’s Lead Capture App allows field staff, such as technicians, couriers, and sales representatives, to input information on the go. This means that management can get a real-time view of deal progression, customer interactions, safety issues, and more.Ā 

Wingmate Is a Winning Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software for All Businesses

RenoRun is a Canadian company that provides construction contractors with building supplies and its associated logistical support. After adopting Wingmate, RenoRun earned $1 million in revenue over a nine-month period. Andrew Riachi, Head of Sales Operations at RenoRun, has said the following about the CRM software, “Wingmate has been a huge part of our journey. From energizing our frontline team, hitting our customer acquisition goals, and growing our sales team with help from their PMs, especially Eric H. (Wingmate). The ability to scale our sales efforts with Wingmate has been truly amazing. I’m incredibly impressed with their team, the Wingmate product, and, most of all, the results! I would highly recommend Wingmate to any company looking to scale up its operation.”

If you’re ready to experience the true power of a no-frills yet potent CRM, book a demo today.

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